Camp Week Preview: 5 Things to Watch For

Dylan Burkhardt

It’s camp week in Ann Arbor and the action should be plentiful. John Beilein will host three camp sessions this week: Fundamentals camp (June 22-25), Elite Camp (June 26-27), and Team Camp (June 28). The fundamentals camp is a basic skills camp for kids 8-18 to get offensive instruction. The Elite Camp is an invitation only event for recruits and is a chance for Beilein to get a hands-on look at some recruits while the recruits get to recieve instruction from a potential coach. Finally the team camp is a one day even that will host high school teams from around the state (and beyond?).

1. Darius Morris

With rumors that Morris will be in town this week it is time to seal the deal with Darius. The speculation has been that Michigan has led for sometime now, and there would be no better time to seal the deal than a camp visit.

2. Underclassmen

What level of kids show up for the Elite & Team camps? Will the in-state big names be there? There have been some high profile underclassman unofficial visitors this summer and it would be great to get a bunch of top in-state talent to Ann Arbor this week. It would be a great sign to see lots of the Appling and Zeigler level recruit this week.

3. What teams attend?

Bringing in teams from all over the state can start to help alleviate concerns about Beilein recruiting Detroit or wherever else. Izzo has turned the Izzo Shootout into a signature event up in East Lansing and although this is just Beilein’s second camp it is another step toward developing the program.

4. Jordan Morgan and U-D Jesuit

Michigan’s only 2009 commit will be attending both the Elite and Team camps this week and it will be a chance to see how much all the work Jordan is putting into his game has paid off. It is also a chance to see how U-D looks under their new head coach, Pat Donnelly.

5. Where is Michigan looking beyond point guard for the class of 09?

Darius Morris seems to have established himself as target 1a on the board but where does Beilein look after Darius? My guess is they look hard at a wing forward, someone like Givon Crump, Roger Franklin, or Manny Atkins. It would be encouraging to see some of these guys in Ann Arbor for camp.

  • FLWolve

    I wish JB hadn’t dropped Andy Brown. I still think he would have been a great fit for that 3rd recruit. I’m still somewhat skeptical on Benzing sticking around until 2009 and beyond so Andy Brown would have been a nice insurance policy.

  • If Benzing leaves before 2009 that means he wouldn’t even suit up at U-M and wouldn’t make that much sense to me…

  • FLWolve

    Why Benzing is even at UM doesn’t make sense to me. The kid’s already 19 or 20 years old and he’s good enough to play for pay in his home country. Why would he come to UM to sit the bench for a year in a critical year of his development. I always go back to this quote in a Lacy update:

    “If he loses a year of eligibility, then I don’t know if it is a good decision (for Benzing to attend Michigan),” said Ney, when reached Thursday by The Detroit News. “He would lose one year of basketball in a crucial phase of his development.”

    He might be 21 years old before he ever plays a game for UM.

  • Merlin

    Don’t you think the education is worth something for Benzing? Also he knows he needs to work on strength and conditioning. I think even if he does not play it will be good for him and the long term of Michigan. Now lets see if we can get Morris to sign-I am very worried with all the offers he has.

  • FLWolve

    I would love to hear Benzing talk about the value of a Michigan diploma and how he’s really looking forward to the college experience. Because the way I see it, the only way he would stick around all 4 years is for the diploma.

    If he doesn’t play, I think it’s terrible for the long term outlook of the program. We’re counting on him to provide that perimeter skillset from the post position. Currently, only D. Sims really has that skillset but we are counting on Benzing to replace him when he graduates in 2 years. We may have stopped recruiting Andy Brown because of Benzing. If Benzing doesn’t play for us and then Brown heads elsewhere, then the signing of Benzing will have hurt us big time.

  • But FL, why would he sign with Michigan, and enroll in school, if he didn’t plan on sticking it out for a little white. It just doesn’t make sense. Unless he has an absolutely dynamite season just like anyone else I don’t see him leaving early.

    Of course it would be terrible outlook if he never ends of playing. But you have to think Beilein is pretty sure he will play. Right?

  • detroitbry

    FLWolve, I keep telling you that UM has not stopped recruiting Andy Brown, that doesnt mean he will be a Wolverine though. Also Benzing was in town last weke playing with the guys, thats a positive sign meaning he is serious about his UM interest, whether he is eligible immediately is up to the NCAA.

  • FLWolve

    It’s one thing to say that you’re still recruiting a kid and it’s another thing to really recruit a kid and make him a top priority. JB calling a recruit every couple of weeks during the peak of recruiting season doesn’t tell me that JB really wants him.

    I still think we need a backup plan for 2009 just in case things don’t work out with Benzing.

  • detroitbry

    As you get commits, your focus changes. If Morris picks UM, they will adjust their focus once again, thats a long way from saying that UM has stopped recruiting a kid.

    Put it like this, if Brown wanted to come to UM, they would take him, how about that?

  • Wolverine3

    No way Brown turns down Zona.

    Lets just worry about locking Darius up