Jordan Morgan Blog: NBPA Camp

Dylan Burkhardt

AAU has pretty much come to an end for the spring. Now I have games with my school and summer camps coming up. We had our first week of camp with our new coach, Pat Donnelly from Grosse Pointe North. I’m really optimistic about the upcoming season and am really beginning to like my new coach and the way he runs things. We had four days of fundamental camp last Monday, June 9th, through Thursday, June 12th. Everything went very well and it was challenging. I made it a point to really challenge myself to really set an example for the younger generations of our program. We finished the week off with our first summer league games at Wayne Memorial high school. We won two back to back games late Friday night with only five players. On Saturday we won two games against John Glenn high school and Southfield Lathrup. I was able to take Sunday off to rest my body before leaving for Virginia.

Right now I am in Virginia on my way to the University of Virginia to begin the NBPA Top 100 Camp. We get checked in and situated on Tuesday and play goes from Wednesday through Saturday. I’m really looking forward to this camp for the knowledge that I will be able to gain, the exposure and the competition. I also received my report card for the end of the year and finished with a 3.92 for the semester bringing my overall to a 3.5. Everything is going really well.

For more on the NBPA Camp check out the preview.

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  • Aaron

    good for you jordan, just wondering if he might be playing at gvsu this weekend

  • Meredith

    No, he will still be in VA. He will be at both the elite and team camps at UM. Don’t have the rest of his summer league schedule yet.

  • Aaron

    ahh, well maybe ill see him at spring arbor

  • hopefully the kid grows a bit, what, he’s only 6’8 right?

  • Meredith

    He is 6’9″ now. ~Mom

    p.s. still 16, will be 17 in Sept.

  • Dan

    Only 6’8″?? (Now 6’9″ per Mom)
    that’s pretty funny – he’s only 16 years old! Sounds like a great kid.. I’m glad we have him!

  • Yeah, I’m hoping for 6’10+, 6’8 is a solid start

    We need good, tall players, Zach Gibson doesn’t count

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