Ekpe Udoh to Baylor

Dylan Burkhardt

It’s official. Best of luck to Ekpe. Udoh (or Mitch Malone) chose Baylor over Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Arkansas.

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  • umdcbball

    Is this a joke? Must be…but it’s not April 1st…

  • AG

    Good Luck Ekpe. I hope you follow in the long line of Baylor big men who made it to the CBA/NBDL.

  • Musket Rebellion

    Again, sad to see a young man basically taken hostage by an overbearing adult. I hope everything works out for EXpe, but I feel he is probably listening to the wrong individuals.

  • Buster Hymen

    We’ll have to wait a few years before we can either say, “Ekpe made a huge mistake or Ekpe made the right decision.”

  • petey ballgame

    Good luck at that bball powerhouse

  • Aaron

    actually i think this was a pretty good choice for him, baylor is a program on the rise and would be a powerhouse right now had that shooting not scared off everyone of there good player(they had i believe three current nba players on roster) but best of luck although i still believe career wise he made the wrong choice

  • Jay

    Baylor was in the field of 64 last year, the program is on the rise. Drew has them playing good ball with like 20 wins last season, and they get up and down the court…alot of talent on there team. Still wont help the fact he cant shoot a lick, but maybe they will design some alley oops for him..hes a NCAA Ben Wallace good luck Udoh

  • Josh


  • Musket Rebellion

    Has EXpe ever dunked…ever?

  • Les

    Best Wishes to Mr Udoh. Those individuals who posted negative or sarcastic comments, I’m sure you were the man when you played D-1 NCAA basketball.

  • Matt

    Can someone remind me the last time Michigan hoops was even relevant? Thanks for the transfer and tell your players to enjoy watching the tournament on the couch. Sic’em Bears.

  • Sad to see him leave, but Beilein just did not utilize him in the correct manner.

    Udoh could end up being a real good player in the B12.

    Just hope that Cronin and Puls can provide something

  • Jonathan

    Thanks for Ekpe guys!