Belmont Shore AAU Video and Other Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

A mix of Darius Morris’ Belmont Shore team from Morris was named to the all-tournament team at GBOA. Also be sure to check out BallIsLifes other video (posted earlier) and interview with Darius.

A couple more quotes on Hill and Morris from Pangos. These are from ESPN.

First on Morris:

6-4 junior Darius Morris (Los Angeles/ Windward) has all the physical intangibles that colleges covet in a 1, but his tendency to force the issue and eagerness to make the spectacular play are worrisome.

Second on Hill who was also named a top performer.

Solomon HillIf there is a more prolific passing 3-man in the country than Hill, I have yet to see him. He is tremendous in the open court and possesses vision beyond his years. In the half-court set, Hill is smooth off the bounce, and he can either hit the floater or dish it off to an open teammate. He’ll probably play the 3 in college, but he does have point guard skills. His one drawback is shooting, but if this weekend was a sign of things to come, he has definitely improved that area of his game. His shot is somewhat of a set shot, but his release is pretty solid. His stock has continued to rise, and by the end of the summer he should end up as one of the top 50 players in the country.

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  • Aaron

    how was the level of competition in that tourney? looks like ti wasn’t to great, but irregardless the highlights look pretty good, Darius had some really good passes, quick question, does he play above, or below the rim, he seems very athletic

  • At 6-3 with his athleticism Darius can definitely play above the rim. There is a video on YouTube of him dunking over someone as well as the recent rivals report which says he was doing a great job on the glass.

  • Aaron

    well thats great, if we do end up with him, he will certainly help out with our rebounding

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  • Jay

    Im all for Morris being a high priority, but I would not at all be upset if we can get Soloman Hill instead. If you know anything about SoCal basketball, is that Fairfax is a LA powerhouse year in and out. Producing kids like Josh Shipp, Evan Burns, and Renardo Sidney(the #1 prospect in the west for 09). Hill will be the big star we havent had in years to get the other kids to realize UM is back. His size, length, and versatility would be needed alot more then a PG who is being praised for his rebounding skills in every other article. I Like D Morris, but hes not a high flyer though. Hes not Jordan Hamilton from Dominguez, but he is better then the PGs on the team now..unless LLP handles the spot like he should. Plus Jones, Harris, or Russell are just as good if not better in my opinion.

  • sid

    Don’t want to be too negative here, but is expecting or even hoping Morris or Hill come to Michigan all that realistic? It looks like they both have been noticed on the national stage and are getting offers from schools with better programs that are also closer to home. Even assuming Beilein’s a great salesman, why would they go all across the country to play for a team that won 10 games last year?

    By contrast, going after in-state kids like Kearney early seems like a good idea with a much higher chance of success.

  • I don’t think anyone is really expecting Hill to come to Michigan, he would qualify as a long shot (but he is still wideopen right now). But Michigan has put in the early work with Darius and has been on him for a very long time and I think there is definitely a shot with Morris.

  • quincey hodges

    wait till next week..they have a new player whos gonna be playing (my nephew josh huestis)..hes not known nationally yet but sonny vaccaro is backing him and ok state is pursuing him hard after he tore up there elite camp..hes 6’8 210 sf with a very very nice jumper great defense and great jumping ability..also reigning gatorade palyer of the year in montana