2011 Visitor: Brandan Kearney

Dylan Burkhardt

Just got an email that 2011 point guard Brandan Kearney is on campus today. Kearney is a 6-4 freshman from Detroit Southeastern and is certainly one to watch. It appears that Michigan is really starting to push for underclassmen and that Beilein is definitely recruiting in Detroit.

Busy day today, make sure you don’t miss the other two recruiting posts today.

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  • joe s

    i like the way coach b is workin on the younger players

  • Benjamin

    Sam Webb wrote up a piece on Brandan for the Detnews Read here

  • Kearney has an offer

  • romeowolv

    can’t hurt that the edwards are helping with the kid.

  • romeowolv

    BTW, love the site. sometimes, no offense to CB but basketball gets pushed to the back of the rivals site priority list. not here. keep up the good work.

  • Justin

    I’m concerned that because of White this kid is going to be a Spartan assuming they offer. Hopefully state does not offer.

  • Aaron

    well he has ALOT of time to go over his decision as he isn’t even a sophomore yet, maybe coach b will lock him up somehow.

  • Justin

    I looks like beilein may be going the bruce weber route and trying to lock kids up early.

  • It’s not like Beilein is the only coach pushing for Kearney hard at this. It’s the common trend these days, Kentucky “locked up” a 2012 kid already.

  • Aaron

    i thought that was football, either way i know oj mayo had offers in 8th grade, kinda sad but whatever,

    is he expected to be a 5-star seems like it only really talented kids get recruited their freshman year

  • Justin

    He has the potential to be a real good player. Kearney is not like a consensus top 10 player for ’11 but when kids are that young it’s basically taking a guess to see how they improve. 6’4 PG is nice but he hardly played his FR year. He could easily blow up but he could just as easily not. I heard from a spartan buddy that he went to four games at the breslin last year but I don’t know if i Believe that.

  • I think Rivals might have jumped the gun on Kearney having an offer. I just got word that he DOES NOT have an offer.

  • Cedric

    I heard that belein offered and will make it official in july. So july is only a month away.what is the difference. also OSU wants Kearney to come to Columbus in mid June for unofficial visit and word is they will offer before he leaves campus.

  • That’s what I was just told about Kearney as well. He will get his “official offer” in July. So he basically has an offer.

  • Sparty

    Who told u that? GBW is where all that info came from.

  • Bry just sent me an email. I don’t subscribe to GBW so I don’t know where the info came from. I know Bry is involved with GBW so maybe it is there too but if he emails me something I am going to post it.

  • Cedric

    Ohio State wants kearney to visit now. why? This is going to be something to watch for a while.

  • Yolanda

    Brandan is a very nice and intelligent young man. I think that its wonderful that schools are already asking this talented young man to play for their college teams. I hope and know that he will be successful in the future. Im glad to say that we are friends and I know him personally.