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Dylan Burkhardt


  • Manny Atkins
  • Givon Crump
  • Nick Russell
  • Glen Rice Jr


  • Steven Pledger – OU Commit
  • Donnavan Kirk – Miami commit
  • DaShonte Riley – Georgetown Commit
  • Bill Edwards Jr – Do not think he is a that likely of a target.
  • Tyler Koch – Wright State
  • Khris Middleton – Texas A&M (He wasn’t on there but I had added him in my update before he committed to A&M)

If I am John Beilein right now I am making every effort to land Darius Morris and then I am pushing for the best available wing player out there. Right now someone like Manny Atkins, Givon Crump or Ben Simmons would look nice in the 2009 class. Summer is always a very fluid time for recruiting so a lot of names will come and go (as you can see by the large list of subtractions and additions).

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  • Jay

    I agree Darius Morris would be a must have to solidify this class as making strides forward, but that slashing wing would be nice too like Russell. Nik Garcia I hear is buckets, kinda like Francisco Garcia who use to play for Louisville. Is there any truth to the Glen Rice Jr talk? An athlete with size for the frontline would be nice like Still, but he may be to raw for Beilein on O.

  • Sorry I forgot Glen, don’t think Michigan is really in great shape with him at this point but we’ll see.

  • Musket Rebellion

    I think we all can agree that Morris is a must get. I’m still hoping that Kentucky doesn’t get too involved with him, I can’t bear to think of us losing another recruit to UK. Although in retrospect the Alex Legion thing was a clear blessing.

  • a2matt

    Ay plans for a 2010 hot board?

    Russell Byrd, SG
    Josh Herbeck, SG

  • Yup. I’m gonna throw together a list of names from ’10 and ’11. It will basically be like how the 09 board started.

  • Aaron

    don’t forget lubick(sp) i think that he will be a top target for us, i believe we are in his top 3 right now with an offer in hand

  • Bluebufoon

    Darius Morris evaluation from

    Darius Morris (6-2, 175)
    Junior, Los Angeles/Windward
    Morris has steadily improved over the years and is now considered a high-major prospect. His frame has filled out nicely and he has great size for the point guard position. He has a slick handle and has gotten better off the bounce. His jump shot has improved as well, even though his release his point is still low. In the past Morris’ downfall has been his decision-making (played with no purpose in mind), which led to turnovers and ill-advised shots. Although he has improved in that area, he does have a tendency to force the issue when the play isn’t there. As his savvy improves, Morris will be one of the top five point guards out West in the Class of 2009.

  • Bluebufoon

    Carl Jones update from

    2009 prospect 5-foot-10 PG Carl “Tay” Jones (Garfield Heights, Ohio) can flat-out score. Although he’s small, he does not fear going into the paint among the trees, relying on a good floater and his ability to adjust in the air for layups. Jones has great quickness and causes problems by getting into the teeth of the defense. He also can nail the jumper on the pull-up or from 3. He has supreme confidence in his scoring ability, which sometimes causes him to force shots. Clemson, Iowa, Penn State, Oregon State, Saint Joseph’s, Texas Tech and a host of other schools have shown interest in Jones.

  • Bluebufoon

    Jordan Morgan Update from

    December, 2007: A big strong low post banger that has the physical size to score on the low block but also has the soft touch to shoot from 15-17 feet out. He’s an outstanding offensive rebounder that can be described as a “garbage man deluxe” as he cleans up on trash baskets in the lane. He’s a good athlete in terms of coordination but doesn’t have the bounce or lift off the floor to make him a nationally elite player, but he can hold his own on the ground with anyone. He’s really worked on his body and now looks the part of a player after being a bit heavy as a youngster. Some scouts like him more than others, but he’s a legit prospect.

  • Jay

    Carl Jones is a true sleeper, every knock I hear on him is about how small he is and how we dont need another small PG cause of Grady…but he seems like a pure baller no matter the size…Grady needs to improve big time if we do pass up on Carl Jones while waiting on Darius, he was a turnover waiting to happen

  • My one trip to the palace was a disaster. Pathetic showing by the Pistons.

    Carl Jones is small yes, he sounds like he can score the rock though. The thing is as you mention two small PGs with Grady although small PGs can get it done, they have to be able to finish in traffic over bigger people which GRady hasn’t shown. That being said I want Morris first.

  • Bluebufoon

    Another update on Darius Morris from Rivals at a weekend tourney out in So. Cal:

    “For point guards in the class of 2009, finding the little things to separate themselves is key. For Darius Morris, the thing was rebounding. An inch taller than last summer, Morris was good on the glass and used his good athleticism and length to get on the glass. He started the break quickly after snatching the rebound.”


    “Darius Morris said he has offers from Michigan, Kentucky, Washington State and Southern Cal while Stanford, Washington, Texas and Oregon State are high on his list. “

  • Aaron

    WHAT!!!! we aren’t on top anymore?

  • doogie

    I believe hes sayin that while he has offers from usc mich kent etc… stanford wash tex and oregon state are also high on his list. It would be weird if his favorites were schools that havent even offered yet.

  • Chris

    So who was Beilein with at the baseball game tonight?

  • No idea who Beilein was with, was it a recruit?

    I’m gonna get up a new “Report Card” tonight.

    We are not falling with Morris, I think that’s just how its written. Hopefully he gets on campus soon.

  • Chris

    Young guy, not singing along to The Victors, but seeming to enjoy himself. Wearing a Phillies hat, I think.

  • Aaron

    thats really good to hear Dylan, that really makes me happy, but are we still in the lead? also i heard that the guy on the front of GBW will be the best player in the state next year, and he will only be a sophomore, Beilein should really go after the kid HARD!!!

  • Kearnay is definitely a baller and you can bet we are recruiting him hard. A longggg way to go until 2011 though.

    Whether we are in the lead for D-Mo only he knows but I know we are still working hard to get him on campus which is the next step.

  • Aaron

    sorry for the double post but is there any way to hook up a forum with this, i think it would be a good addition to the site

  • And Kearney as a 6-4 freshman point guard. You can only shake your head at that kind of size.

  • Bluebufoon

    Any idea how tall this player is ??

  • Bluebufoon

    Just a hunch but I wonder if the player may have been Givon Crump ??

  • Aaron

    no, sorry but we are talking about brandan kearney, but i have also heard good things about crump

  • Bluebufoon

    Kearney was the player on campus this past weekend ?

  • Aaron

    o nevermind, sorry didn’t realize what you were talking about my mistake

  • I am pretty sure that Givon Crump did not visit this weekend. I have no idea who was seen at the baseball game though. It might not have even been a recruit? Who knows, I just hadn’t heard about any visitors, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t one but I don’t think it was a high profile one. I’ll try and do some digging.

  • Also, Aaron good idea on the message board. I’ll think about implementing one somehow possibly with the comments. Keep posting in the comments for now though guys, it’s good to get some discussion going.

  • Aaron

    hey check the umhoops email

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