Weekend Links

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Home and home with Seton Hall?
    Next years schedule certainly isn’t looking full of cupcakes. I get the feeling that UCLA won’t be on the schedule besides the potential matchup in the Coaches Vs Cancer.
  • Watts to UNC
    This is old news by now but Watts committed to UNC after holding out for that offer for a long time.
  • Big day in Detroit with the Wings, Pistons and Tigers all playing. Don’t forget to buy Pistons, Red Wings, or Tigers tickets. ($10 off using code: EX26)

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  • Aaron

    seton hall, i believe they would be a good match up with us, we are fairly even and a win vs them could help us out alot

  • Musket Rebellion

    Seton Hall would be a good match up. But really I hope Novak goes for 25 against Harvard and Tommy cries into his mock turtleneck. He cleaned up Michigan basketball but ended up setting it back 5 years.