Monday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Musket Rebellion

    When is the 2009 board update going to happen? I’m excited to see the new prospects.

  • This week I’ll get something up. The best guess list I posted has to hold you over for now :-)

  • Brick


    Does Benzing have to make a decision by tomorrow?

  • I read somewhere that he did have to make a decision by tomorrow. But that goes against what I understood and that is a recruit can just enroll in school (I think Scottie Reynolds did this) and does not have to sign an LOI. So I don’t think Benzing would have to decide by tomorrow. Who knows maybe he will decide by tomorrow or maybe he already has decided.

    Whenever it happens I think it is just a matter of time until its official that Benzing wears the Maize and Blue.

  • Aaron

    dylan any truth that benzing committed today

  • Benjamin

    re: pistons

    The announcers are driving me insane…their pro-boston-tone is sickening.

  • Come on :-) Rip clearly made a dirty play and Posey just mad a good clean hard foul. Give me a break lol.

    RE: Benzing
    I heard there was a very good chance of him coming last week and that it was just a matter of time. I’m sticking to that until I see anything official (which might take a while because of logistics of academics, over seas, NCAA, whatever you have to deal with.

  • Benjamin

    Dylan- I didn’t say Rip didn’t foul. That was obvious- he should have been t’d up.


  • I was being sarcastic quoting the announcers and agreeing with you. I just started watching the game (was at the Tigers game) but the bias of the announcers is clear. Rip’s foul was dirty but you would have thought he was Bruce Bowen or something :-)

  • Benjamin

    ugh. how frustrating.

  • Benjamin

    I have grown way too comfortable with losing bball games.

  • Musket Rebellion

    The Wings are in the Stanley Cup finals. It is hard watching professional basketball especially when your team is down and needs stops and they get them. You know they could play D like that the entire game but they just don’t care. Plus the traveling is disgusting. I’m much more of a fan of watching the Stanley Cup than the NBA finals.

  • a2matt

    If the Pistons win tommorow, I say them in 6. If they lose tommorow, C’s in 5.

  • Musket Rebellion

    Wings in 6.

  • Kevin In GR
  • Wondering

    Are the BB players going to use Barwis as well like at WVU?

  • steve

    no, Basketball has their own S/C guy.

  • Aaron

    dumb imo benzing would look like a 4 if he spent a year with barwis which is what he should do

  • Bluebufoon

    Here are stats for Darius Morris when he played
    in the Cactus Classic earlier this month:

  • Interesting that Appling scored 35 against Morris’ team (Morris had 17 in that game).

    He had 20 against D One Sports and John Wall (#1 pg in the country per Rivals).

    Thanks for the link bluebufoon.