Sunday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Benjamin

    I feel like we did utilized his skills (shot-blocking) to the fullest potential.

  • Musket Rebellion

    It’d be great to see Benzing commit in the next few days, but actually getting Morris into town while Ann Arbor is in full summer swing would be a pretty good idea. I hope Brown isn’t falling through the cracks. A talented big man who has an eye for UM hasn’t happened in a while.

  • petey ballgame

    Watch Udoh’s production drop. That would be interesting.

  • Aaron

    question, will he redshirt, or is he going to have to sit a year out and only have one year left…..either way its a dumb move for him IMO

  • Musket Rebellion


    I think he’ll have to sit a year and then have 3 years left, at least if I’ve read everything Dylan has written correctly. He has played professionally over seas so he has to sit out a year before he can be considered an “amateur” athlete again. At least that’s how I view it. I think the year off for him could be huge. He could lift weights (with eeeeeee Mike Barwis if he is doing the S&C for the bball team too) and learn Beilein’s system for a year before being asked to step on a competitive court.

    But I agree with you, if he has to come over and sit for a year and only gets a year of eligibility out of it then it is a stupid move.

  • Udoh will red shirt and have two to play.

    Benzing will sit a year and have 3 to play (most likely).

  • Musket Rebellion

    Thanks for the clarification Dylan.

  • joe s

    is there any chance Benzing gets a chance to play as soon as he gets on campus???? or no

  • I suppose there is a chance but based on the NCAA’s recent history of rulings I wouldn’t bet on it. I guess anything is possible though?

  • Adam

    Are you sure Dylan? I am almost certain that Udoh will not get a redshirt for this year. When you transfer they don’t let you use the year that you are required to sit out for a redshirt. He will sit out his junior year, and will have one year to play with his new squad as a senior.

  • jBdub

    Adam: I think Dylan’s right on this one, though like you, I’m not 100% certain in my position.

  • Adam

    okay yeah dylan is right. I just looked up the ncaa transfer rules and it appears he is correct. thanks for the clarification!

  • jBdub

    It’s official. Benzing has signed! Now we’ll have to see about eligibility.