Pre-Weekend Notes and Best Guess 2009 Recruiting Class

Dylan Burkhardt
  • First this weekends originally planned visits:
  • No Andy Brown this week. Is it because Beilein is out of town or a guy like Benzing is taking his spot?
  • No Darius Morris, this visit had been rescheduled for a while I think.
  • Brian Elerbee is now doing construction according to The Realests.
  • A couple things on Robin Benzing:
  • I confirmed with Chris at European Prospects that the eligiblity situation is that he would enter college this year and most likely have to sit out the 08-09 season before being able to play the next year. Sorry, from looking at previous cases it appears that Benzing would have SOPHOMORE eligibility  in 09-10 instead of RS-Freshman eligibility.
  • In regards to Benzing’s position a lot of scouting services have him listed as a 3 man. I think that down the road in the NBA Benzing certainly could project to a 3 man but right now with the roster composition in Beilein’s offense I can’t see Benzing playing anything but the 4.
  • Thanks to Sheryl for pointing out that Zack and Stu are playing in another All-Star game, this time on opposite teams. This time it’s the Hoosiers’ Reunion All Star Classic on June 6th (8pm).

Best Bets 2009

I am going to make a best guess list for the 2009 recruiting class which right now has 4 (3 open) spots. This is basically just a preview of the updates I am planning for the hot board brought to you early. For the record this is my personal opinion and is not affiliated in any way with the University of Michigan basketball program.

1. Jordan Morgan – Center/PF – Commit
Morgan provides the size and post presence that Michigan needs inside but also still has a little bit of range on his jumper.

2. Robin Benzing – PF/SF
I think Benzing will come to Michigan and fill the opening at the PF. He would enroll this summer but most likely have to red shirt due to NCAA rules. This would give him a year to get acclimated to the US and also start learning Beilein’s system. It might be a stretch but I think Benzing might have jumped ahead of Andy Brown given that Beilein has already traveled over to Germany to see Benzing play.
Back-Up: Andy Brown

3. Darius Morris – PG
The need at point guard is huge, Morris provides a very good combo of passing, flair, scoring and athleticism that Michigan needs in the back court.
Back-Ups: Nick Russell, CJ Harris or Carl Jones

4. Best Available – C/WF/SG
The last scholarship is the toughest to project, it would seem like it should goto a wing or a big man but I think Michigan will just go for the best available player. There are not many big men on the radar right now that appear to be sure bets. I think the best bets here are one of the following: Nick Russell, Andy Brown, Manny Atkins or CJ Harris. I think that some sort of late riser could also fill this spot, I wouldn’t be suprised to see this spot stay around for a while especially if Michigan can lock up a point guard and 4-man.

  • a2matt

    Could you give a little more info on Atkins? We have heard alot about the other guys but not much on him. I do know he has an offer.

  • steve

    where does DaShonte fall in the mix? ;)

    I like your best-guess list. sounds about right to me. doesn’t sound like we can go wrong with Brown/Benzing.

  • Brick

    I would love to see Brown and Benzing. We wouldn’t have to throw a 6’6″ guy at PF like we’ve had to recently. A big rotation of Cronin, Morgan, Brown and Benzing sounds pretty good. We could even go big and slide Benzing or Brown to SF.

  • Rob


    a question: why would benzing be able to redshirt and the two guys at Iowa St and Wash St. couldn’t?

    If there some difference with Benzing or has the NCAA modified their stance on this? Thanks….

  • Thats my mistake. I think he would probably be a sophomore then. I was not too familiar with the other guys situations. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

  • hat

    So Brian Ellerbe is an “inspirational leader and mentor.”

    Only in America!


  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    If Darius Morris signs, he won’t stay at Michigan more than a year or two.