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Dylan Burkhardt

A few more stats on Benzing from this past year. With the ProA team Benzing averaged 8ppg in 18.1mpg while shooting 50% (25.7% 3pt) from the field. In the U19 league Robin averaged 22.5 ppg in 26.3 minutes while shooting 62.1% (37.3% 3pt) from the field. For comparisons sake Mark Kelley (who graduated from UC Irvine and averaged 9 and 5 his senior year) averaged 17.1 ppg and 7.6 rebounds in the ProA league. It’s still important to remember that Benzing is probably substantially younger than a lot of the kids playing in the ProA league because its a professional league and not an age limit league like the U19.

View U19 Stats or View Pro A Stats.

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