Monday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

Not much news today here are a couple from today/this weekend:

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  • Benjamin

    Morris- Remember, we loved you first.

  • Dan

    I saw Beilein and Coach jackson showing around a recruit today on campus. I don’t follow the high schoolers enough to know who it may be, just thought I’d pass it on. He was definitely a guard judging by his height.

  • josh

    Carl Jones from Ohio from what I heard.

  • Aaron

    same here, i believe he is a back up plan in case morris doesn’t come, but im still confident that morris will

  • Musket Rebellion

    I’d like to hope that Morris comes here, but we’ve had so much untimely luck with huge recruits leaving at the last minute that I’ll just wait and see. When names like Kentucky start throwing themselves into the mix it is hard for us to compete.