Michigan Hosting Coaches vs Cancer Tournament

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will be playing in the Coaches vs Cancer preseason tournament this year according to Fox Sports. This will provide 2 “easy” home games (Kentucky was upset by Gardener Webb last year in the CvC) and then a trip to Madison Square Garden where we would likely face Duke, UCLA, or Pitt/Rutgers:

Giles also said that the Duke, UCLA and Michigan are set as three of the four hosts for the Coaches vs. Cancer. The other host will likely be either Pittsburgh or Rutgers.

Interesting considering Duke and UCLA are already on the schedule for next year. I think the first rounds of the Coaches vs Cancer are usually the first week of November or so and then followed by a trip to New York City the next weekend. Two updates today, make sure you didn’t miss LLP winning his appeal.

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  • Ky Fox

    good exposure for our guys! Getting into New York as much as possible could help a bit in recruiting! These are the type of games that if UM can start meshing and playing well together could upset say a Duke! Its possible. Especially if its at least a neutral site.

  • Musket Rebellion

    I just hope we make it to New York. I’m not trying to be pessismistic about it, but are we really good enough to beat whomever they throw at us? I think and hope so, but we’ll see. Either way this is a great chance to prove ourselves on one of the biggest early seasons stages.

  • Musket Rebellion

    On the rivals recruiting pages that Dylan has linked is the team that is at the top of their list considered the favorite? Or are the lists just randomly ordered? If they are in order of proposed favorites then Michigan is at the top of Darius Morris’ list.

    Is it time for us to start getting all giddy and stupid for a kid who might not come yet?

  • Kris

    Musket, here’s according to Rivals:

    Darius Morris
    Schools in the Running

    Michigan – High
    Kentucky – Medium
    Texas – Medium
    USC – Medium
    Washington – Medium
    Washington State – Medium

  • Musket Rebellion

    Thanks Kris.

  • Benjamin

    Rivals sorts by level of interest and then alphabetically.

  • Ky Fox

    Thanks Benjamin.

  • BL11

    Dylan – what are your thoughts for the class of 2010. It would seem that a BIG and an athletic shooter are areas of needs (depending on 09). Lubick seems like the real deal but im not sure how realistic our chances are.


    Sorry to tell you but UMASS is a little better than Gardner Webb. Yes, the team that knocked off Florida last year is going to be playing you fellas for a spot in MSG. This game will be extremely even.

  • NUFAN08

    Umass is not playing the Michigan bracket anylonger however Northeastern is and we will not be an easy out by any means.