Links 5-7-08: Ekpe Udoh Edition

Dylan Burkhardt

Lots of reaction to the Ekpe Udoh transfer situation, here are some links to a few of them.

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  • Ky Fox

    I somewhat agree with Lacy. Jb needs to take guys that are athletic, even if they dont fit his “system” and im reffering to more center and powerforward positions. Not quite a Petway type…hopefully with a little more offensive skill than Petway, but a guy like Still, or someone similar. He needs balance and like lacy said he needs players of all kinds. In a year like this past one where guys are leaving he cant be soo picky. And when a local kid with some raw ability like Still, he should look at the possibilities with a guy like him. Im not saying get a bunch of guys just because they are local and athletic, but 1 or 2 of those guys could really round out our team. The point thru small forward is where i think JB could be a little more particular in who hes trying to bring in….but the bigs i think he could stand to lean a little more towards local, athletic, as well as maybe not so critical in terms of being so versatile.

  • Rob

    That Daily article is pure CRAP! That’s I will say about that. The end of Beilein era? Ha ha! Dream on, you closet Michigan hater.


  • Ky Fox

    ya feldman is flat out crazy!! Does he not remember Amaker?? And the kind of development and players he brought in here? Let the guy(JB) take a stab at it with his own players for crying out loud! On top of that if Epke was thinking straight he would have stayed anyways. Its not JB’s fault Epke is getting mixed messages. One thing i will say I think JB needs to hit the local area for guys who are a little more athlecticley inclined. Mainly for our bigs. And if it means tweeking his “system” just a little to make it a bit more appealing to some of these guys than I say…so be it. Im not stating he should rehaul his program but do what it takes to bring in guys that posses athletic ability….guys out of detroit who seem to always go elsewhere. Kind of like morphing his gaurd/threeball offense with an athletic, crash the boards, shotblocking, frontcourt, while still having that versatile, do it all powerforward…Ive said it before and ill say it again…balance is the key.

  • umdcbball

    I’m not worried. I think we will be better next year and in the tourny in ’10. The only guy we’ve lost in the JB era that is of any concern is Epke and I’ve said it countless times that I don’t think he is that big a loss.

    The great thing about basketball is that you don’t need a lot of great players to have a good team. Yes, you need a lot of great players to win a national championship, but lets take this one step at a time. We can compete for a Big Ten title with the guys we have right now.

  • Ky Fox

    I agree umdcbball I think more along the lines of us scratching and clawing to get into postseason play than a big ten title! I think for a bigten title we are about 2 key players away! A powerforward, center, and a good versatile PG! And then i think we will start seeing bigten title caliber teams by JB! This year will be very interesting! But i think a berth into the big dance could be a possibility with us catching some breaks AND catching fire! With our gaurd upgrades and backcourt depth i say we need to get into the NIT!

  • Ky Fox

    call me retarted but i just noticed that in the bigten logo the number 11 is hiding in there! I never noticed that!

  • Musket Rebellion

    Losing EXpe was a huge blow to our teams’ NIT hopes for this year. You take a team that was statistically terrible defensively and take away its best (only good) defender off of that team and there will be a drop off. The only way they’ll be able to counter this will be if either A) Cronin comes in and has great defensive chops or B) The offense finally clicks the way JB wants it to. It doesn’t even have to be running at 100%. After last year I’ll take 65%. We’ll win more games than we did last year, and I’m not saying that the NIT is out of reach for us, but the EXpe transfer will be hard to overcome, at least in the near future.

  • BL11

    KY- cant answer the retarded part…but i have never seen the 11 either

  • Musket Rebellion

    I got a Big Ten football right after Penn State joined the conference back in 1990 (?) and it had the new Big Ten emblem in huge print on one side. That’s the only reason that I knew that the 11 was there. I did have to point it out to my mom about a year ago though.

  • Ky Fox

    yeah its funny that as many times as Ive looked at it and how its been right in front of me for years that I just noticed the 11 about a week ago. Lol