Michigan Has Money For Practice Facility

Dylan Burkhardt

A little happier news before I post my thoughts on the Ekpe situation. Mark Snyder of the Free Press is reporting that Michigan has the money together for a practice facility and plans to move forward with the project.

“We need to go through the approval process with the university, we have the resources to do it, we’ve hired an architect to start our preliminary planning,” Martin said. “We haven’t had the project approved through our administrative and regental process but I expect to be able to take that in the very near future and move forward with that project. And we need it.”

This is certainly encouraging, apparently its a multi step process before actual ground can be broken but Martin taking it on as a personal project and pushing it is definetely a big step. Martin also mentioned that U-M will “take on” Crisler after the stadium renovations. Proving that they are taking concrete steps and having the plans would be a boost to recruiting by itself I would think.


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  • Musket Rebellion

    This is a great boost to our program. With Beilein being able to tell kids that a pracitce facility is in the wings, and that it will be a brand new and top notch (I’m assuming) facility we will definitely be able to use that as a selling point. Hopefully we get some sketches in soon from the architecture firm and he can take them with him the next time he visits Morris.

  • Bluebufoon

    Any idea how much U-M is planning on spending on this facility ??

  • steve

    anywhere from 20-30 million. but I’ve seen that there have been some really nice built in the past 5 years for under 10 million.

  • Funny if you listen to Martin’s interview he says taking guys who might be at a school for one year and go to NBA. He says that they could not implement a rule at the conference level since it would result in conference teams not being able to compete on national level but he has no problem doing it at his own school. He doesn’t seem to realise that one of these guys going to your school might bring some 3 and 4 year players that can help improve your programs national image.

  • hat

    Great news if true! I’m so tired of hearing Dick Vitale and others whine on every telecast how bad our facilities are.