Darius Morris Mix

Dylan Burkhardt

My old friends at BallIsLife.com put together a very nice Darius Morris mix. Hopefully Beilein can seal the deal on Darius.

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  • BL11

    Everything I have heard makes me believe he would fit in perfectly with this team and its needs. He could play for most teams but his abilities are what UM is desperate for right now. Plus he sounds like he is a very good kid off the court as well.

    He is a MUST get.

  • Benjamin

    I am drooling.

    His vision and ball-handling skills are insane.

  • Musket Rebellion

    Man crush initiation: Now.

  • hoosierine

    now i understand why you say pg is the bigggest area of need. i dont see (though i still love him) kevin grady doing any of those things…

  • hoosierine

    oops kelvin… cant wait for the fall i guess

  • troublet0605

    it is a must we have an open scholie for this kid. Forget about possible transfers their potential doesn’t compare to Morris, his potential is thru the roof.

  • Ky Fox

    Hes a gaurd who can dunk with some ease as well. Its been a while sense weve had a guy like that at UM. You guys are rite….his handle is grose, and thats exactly what we need rite now, that and some scoring…..Darius will fit the bill…a nice four star land for JB….hopefully.

  • Steve

    Nice thing about Beileins’ offense is that the guards can (and are encouraged) to be taller than 6’3 as long as they possess adequate ball handling. There was way too much dribbling this year, and that causes the offense to bog down, and it looked ugly at times. If you go back and watch some of the old WVU games, there was rarely two seconds where the ball wasn’t being passed. Once again, this also comes with timing issues and being able to read defenses.

    I don’t think people are going to recognize our team next year as opposed to last season… it’s going to be a thing of beauty, just be patient through this summer.

    Morris looks like a steal though. I know a lot of high majors haven’t offered, but this guy looks legit. Still room to grow and bulk up, and still time to refine his jumper. Court vision off the charts, and looks unselfish.

  • Ky Fox

    i agree steve…with the additions of Novak, Douglass, LLP, and i hear even Cronin can pass the ball out of the post, its going to look a lot more efficient next year. Lets hope Cronin can be somewhat of a threat down low…wether it be a nice babyhook or turnaround, because if he can be a threat down low and he gets doubled he can kick it back out to one of our many improved threeball shooters. ;)

  • Steve

    In my opinion, Cronin has three duties he must accomplish for us to be successful next year.

    1) Set good screens. Outside of Graham Brown a few years ago, we’ve lacked a good screener and a big body to put on people on the perimeter. So many times did Ekpe or Zack fail to really hit someone with a screen, making it ineffective. Inside this offense, Zack and Cronin will probably set near 150+ screens a game.

    2) Be an average rebounder. Cronin is limited athletically and experience-wise… BUT, the guy is 7’1 and 260 pounds. If he can grab 4-6 boards a night, and be a force inside, we’ll be ok.

    3) Be an average defender. I really think that Cronin will struggle a lot at times next year, but I also think he’ll pan out to be a very very good big man in a couple years. Coach told me that he’d like to get Cronin down 10-15 pounds by next fall, so that they can give him some minutes right away. Now this might change with the Ekpe situation, but I don’t think Cronin should be expecting a redshirt.

  • Ky Fox

    yeah i agree. I guess i should rephrase that, and leave out that he would require a double from the other team…i guess what i should have said is if hes down low and things break down that he could pass efficiently out to our improved gaurds and forwards. I agree that we need a little more of an imposing body down there to help out on the boards that is very true. Lets hope hes better and maybe a little more athletic than people are giving him credit for. Answer me this tho steve, for us to be very successfull in the bigten and in the big dance(successfull..i mean pushing for elite 8’s) do you believe we can accomplish that with big men like Cronin, gibson, plumlee, and a bunch of gaurds, or do you think we need more dynamic bigs?

  • petey ballgame

    Where the hell is epke

  • BL11

    gone, unfortunetly.

  • Ky Fox

    Darius reminds me of a smaller Shaun Livingston…obviously not quite as skilled….yet! :)