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Dylan Burkhardt

The Citizen Times has an article about Plumlee being released from his LOI at Stanford. There are a couple of quotes worth noting:

Indiana, Miami, Northwestern, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Virginia and Xavier were among the programs that initially offered Plumlee a scholarship before he committed to Stanford in June. But the Gamecocks and Hoosiers have changed coaches since then.

“There are about eight or nine schools that have contacted me, and they’re big-time programs you would know,” said Gaines (Plumlee’s HS coach), who would not get into specifics.

In regards to Duke assistants Johnny Dawkins getting the Stanford job:

Gaines said the Plumlees were aware for several days that Dawkins was likely to be named to that position but that didn’t change the decision to request a release. “Coach Dawkins knows that Miles wants his release,” said Gaines.

Is Duke a potential destination?

Perky Plumlee would not comment on whether Duke might be a possibility since Miles Plumlee’s younger brother, Christ School junior Mason Plumlee, committed to the Blue Devils in February. Duke didn’t originally offer Miles Plumlee a scholarship but has one available due to forward Taylor King’s transfer to Villanova.

This one looks like a long shot but Beilein did recruit Miles’ younger brother Mason hard and the whole family seemed very high on Beilein until Duke offered.

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  • Ky Fox

    unless plumlee is very serious about UM..i would stick to Andy Brown, and then grab another big…a good, fairly athletic big.

  • Plumlee is big and an 08 recruit. Why would you not be interested?

  • a2matt

    What happened to the Epke pics?

  • Took them down sorry. Got a couple emails about them, figured they weren’t worth the hassle.

  • Benjamin

    oh oh…a cover up.

  • jrees

    09 recruit Tyler Koch committed to Wright State.

  • Ky Fox

    what kind of emails?? Lol…id say its a good sign that Udoh is chillin with his teammates. If JB cant persuade him than hopefully Manny, Dsims, and the rest of the guys can.

  • Ky Fox

    as far as plumlee goes….i mean if hes very interested then id say probably yes look hard into him but if not oh well! I just go back to how are we constructing our team? I do not see either of the Plumlee’s as possesing a ton of athletic ability and or being able to get phisycal enough down low. Now i could be wrong but i see them as being more of a european/finess style…which i kno JB really likes, but i would rather us have that type of player at more of the 4 spot rather than the 5, and have more of an athletic/low post type of player at the 5. Which is why i like Andy Brown for the 4 because while he would be able to stretch the d, he could also do a little off the dribble, and still get in the paint and help a bit on the boards as well as getting those cleanup points…..then still have a big athletic guy in there at the same time. That could be JoMo with some work. Then sprinkle in Cronin.