Quincy Roberts to St. Johns, Kecman to OSU

Dylan Burkhardt

Johnny Jungle has announced that Quincy Roberts will hold a presser Tuesday (hat tip: East Coast Bias) to announce his intentions to attend St. Johns. It had appeared that the chances of Quincy ending up at Michigan were slim to none lately but this is news none the less. Congratulations to Quincy and I for one will be wishing him the best.

Nikola Kecman also signed his LOI with Ohio State, so you can cross him off the board as well. The only 08 target left on the board is Justin Watts and there is not much news coming out of that camp. He has been speculated to be waiting to see if UNC’s underclassmen enter the draft in hopes of a UNC offer. If Ekpe does transfer though the main need is a big man and not a guard/wing.

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  • Ky Fox

    Which is why we should be hittin Riley hard in my estimation!

  • Steve

    lol…. riley would be a good fit for our women’s team.

  • Ky Fox

    it is hard to hope for a Riley commitment, or even root for him right now sense UM is not real high on the list, but dont be ignorant to fact hes a pretty decent ball player! I dont think he would be a 5 star recruit if he wasnt!

  • He’s not an elite player, get past the five stars. It’s not sour grapes. He probably has a lot of potential but right now he is not showing himself like a 5 star.

  • Musket Rebellion

    Dylan, would the lack of 5 star showings hamper or help our chances of us getting him if he starts sliding off of people’s lists?

  • Ky Fox

    rite..you said the words Dylan..”he has very good potential” 5 star potential!! I mean ok so maybe rite now hes more like a 4 star! I just think its more difficult to be a GREAT big guy rite off the bat! Which is why they probably rank a lot of bigs in regards to theyre potential opposed to theyre “rite now ability”

  • Brick

    Ky, don’t waste your time wanting. The consensus is that Riley is not interested in Michigan and Michigan is not interested in Riley.

  • BL11

    Maybe its just me and maybe im wrong but….

    when it comes to big guys, it is all about matchups. however guards have to be able to ball all the time. So I see cronin, morgan, gibson, hopefully ekpe and maybe a 2010 big. Of that we should be able to piece matchups together to have an adequate big or 2. 75% of bigs are “projects” anyways so i waste my time worrying about guards/wings that can impact.

  • Ky Fox

    i dont particularily want…its just that hes 20 min away and if Epke leaves he would fill that void nicley. I dont really care where he comes from but i think he needs to be fairly athletic. Does it not worry any of you about getting caught up in a “system” type of program?? Ie wisconsin…although i kno a lot of you guys out there just love wisconsin i dont mean to make light of theyre success, but i do not like the way bo ryan constructs his teams. Bl11 i somewhat agree with you but if you look at most teams who have very good success in the tournament..they all have a few common denomenators, and one of those usually is a very good big man…or 2! And all im saying is if im JB i do my best in trying to build a team that can compete at a national level…not just your league! Look at florida, kansas, unc, memphis, ucla, louisville, what did all those teams have?? They had real good, dynamic bigs. Then you take a team like davidson and a good big or 2 was the one thing they lacked(in my opinion)

  • Ky: MSU is not a “system type program” are they? They pushed hard for Nix and slowed down on Kirk (thought to be MSU lock) and Riley….

  • Ky Fox

    like i said tho dylan i dont care if it isnt riley! But if UM is going to EVER make a push for even the elite 8 then we are going to need dynamic bigs. I guess thats all im saying. And as far as MSU goes they have had very good success in the past few years but having real good productive/athletic big men has been theyre one chink in theyre armor as far as im concerned. You can have great gaurds and shoot threes till your blue in the face, but once you get into the tournament your eventually going to run into a team or four who can negate that, and when all your gaurds arent putting the ball in the buckett(dont get me wrong you need good shooting gaurds to) then you need very good bigs who can produce high percentage, low post shots and from what ive watched the past 10 years bigs, like butch and steimsma, cant cut it, suton and naymick cant quite get it done either! They have pretty good succes, but kind of like close but no cigar. Which is probably why Izzo brought in Roe!

  • Ky Fox

    i guess it just depends on what kind of talent and potential you bring in! I dont argue JB’s coaching ability for one second. But some players just have respective celeings of potential. You have to have balance…To have success on a national level it takes a certain recipe, where a few of the ingredients are always the same.

  • Musket Rebellion

    Naymeck and Suton weren’t huge recruits. Marquise Grey was the huge recruit, and he was a complete bust. I don’t think Memphis had a dominant big man in the tourney. They had Chris Douglas-Roberts and Derrick Rose. Both were big for guards, but they weren’t big men. Kansas didn’t really have a dominant big man either. The best big they had was the Euro who came off the bench. Georgetown had a dominant big and they got trounced by Davidson.

    I guess what my point is, or should be, is that a dominant big man is a great piece of the puzzle. Look at Duke this year and you’ll know how important it is to have a low scoring threat. However in Beilein’s system we need shooters first. Morgan is a great addition because he gives us that inside banger who can get rebounds and hard points down low, but without the 3 point shooters (say 2 more even after this class) JB’s system will never reach its full potential.

  • Ky Fox

    you make a very good point muskett. I guess what i mean is those teams that go deeper into the tourney usually have the “dynamic/more athletic” bigs…ie arthur, jackson, of kansas…dorsey, dozier, taggart, of memphis….oden of osu..noah, horford, brewer, of florida. While some of them arent “dominant” they are much better and athletic than your average bear(center/forward). It would be interesting to swap a guy like arthur for say a naymick or suton and see where kansas would end up. I agree tho in that we need one or two more shooters…thats no joke. I think we will be pleasantly suprised with the improvement of our teams shooting come november or december. And i agree Morris, Brown, and Morgan will all come in and be good shooters! I dont think JB would be showing interest if they were not. It just worries me a tad that Cronin will be our main guy. Lets hope he is better than preconceived. Which is why i think we desperatley need Udoh to stay put. It was nice to see Udoh hangin with Manny, and Deshawn!

  • Ky Fox

    i am hoping that Cronin can come in and really suprise all of us. I hope he hits the floor running and doesnt skip a beat. Id love to see him hold his own against the likes of suton, mullens, or whoever. Lets hope Udoh is there to have his back tho!

  • cwood

    No dominate big man at memphis? joey dorsey anyone? No dominate big men at Kansas? Darell Arthur anyone? The reason Gtown got beat was they started neglected their big me and stopped going inside to their strength.

  • Musket Rebellion

    Dorsey got yanked and screamed at by Calipari in all but one of their games in the tourney. Darell Arthur was good but he was nowhere near dominant. Being athletically gifted and dominant are in completely different stratas. I agree with Ky Fox, we need a physically gifted big guy (which Dorsey and Arthur are) who can bang and get some down low points when the shots aren’t falling. We also need a slasher who can get to the hoop when his shot isn’t falling. Outside of Manny I don’t see anyone on the team who can do that on a regular basis.