AAU Notes 4-27-2008

Dylan Burkhardt

Just a few notes from the AAU circuit this weekend from Rivals. The report is encouraging on Jordan Morgan and it is very hard to get a grip on the other Michigan instate big men. I’ll keep my eye out for other information on other prospects.

Jordan Morgan @ King James Tournament:

You have to like it when prospects find the right fit for college. That is clearly the case for Michigan bound forward Jordan Morgan. The 6-foot-9 forward should have a good career for the Wolverines because he’s not afraid to bang, can really pass from the post and when his number is called, he can knocked down the face-up jumper.

Appling is one to watch but looks like MSU green at this point:

Playing his third game in a row, Michigan guard Keith Appling didn’t have his best game in front of us. The locals have raved about his play and word is he went for 30-plus and 20-something in the two prior games to our viewing. He’s a scoring point guard with a wiry frame. Word is Michigan State is very strong with him. The Spartans just landed a commitment from his 2009 high school teammate Derrick Nix last week.

The Family on Friday, have to wonder what’s up with Kirk now that MSU has already taken two bigs:

The Family struggled to find much consistency from it’s team. Coming off a commitment to Michigan State, Nix showed some nice moves in the post but struggled to finish time and time again at the rim.

DaShonte Riley had one great move with a spin to the middle of the lane off a pivot and scored with a face up jumper. Other than that, he was quiet from a scoring standpoint. He and fellow big man Donnovan Kirk worked well with the high-low offense in the first half. Riley’s length played a factor, too. He was still far from doing what he’s capable of though.

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  • Brick

    That loaded Michigan ’09 class everyone talked about when JB got hired is sure looking different a year later. It looks like we are going to end up with just one Michigan recruit next year. It’s also looking more and more like we got the right one.

  • Aaron

    i agree i think jordan has the potential to jump up and get a fourth star, i think if we land morris, the 09 class has potential to help out immediately, then add brown and it looks like it will be a great class

  • Ky Fox

    abslolutley!! If you add Darius Morris, and Andy Brown to an 09 class that already features Big Jordan Morgan.. Then JB is on the definite right track. Potentialy a trio of 4 stars!

  • Ky Fox

    i think this is what John B is very good at and is notorious for is finding guys like a Morgan, Morris, or Brown before they come into theyre own or zone if you will. He has some sort of descernment and ability to see someones potential before it actually happends. Its almost as if he has a crystall ball of a brain where he can see these players skill level and what they are potentially capable of…and usually its quite a bit..ie Morgan, Novak..ect..! No one was in on Morris, Morgan, or Brown before JB was..then all these other schools started following there after! I dont really want to say he does more with less…its more like he does more with the overlooked!! Some guys might take a little longer( half a year maybe) to get up to speed…but when they do they are just as good as the next guy playing for MSU, Syracuse, or a Louisville!! But its still nice to grab those 5 stars every now and again dont get me wrong!

  • Musket Rebellion

    How many open scholarships do we have for next year? There are so few people graduating. Hopefully we won’t have to be filling Ekpe’s scholarship.

  • Brick

    There are three ’09 ships but one went to Morgan so two are open. If (when) Ekpe leaves there will be three open.

    Most fans are hoping for Brown and Morris to fill the open two and then we would need to keep looking for another big man.

  • Musket Rebellion

    The idea of pulling both Brown and Morris along with Morgan for the next class would be a huge coup for Beilein. Getting some Michigan kids in the Maize and Blue after pulling from Indiana and NY in this class would show the state’s elite talent that we are once again looking to be a power in our own backyards again. Plus bringing in local kids could help attendance.

  • Ky Fox

    hey muskett, who are you thinking JB will pull out of MI yet?? Still?, Kirk?, Riley? If Epke does in fact take off then does JB have a possible upperhand on any of these guys?? It would be beautifull to real in Riley! He would replace an Udoh type player very nicley. 6’11” can block shots, and probably has a little bit better of an offensive skill set than Udoh did at the time he came in. And would be another MI and Detroit product. I also think getting a guy like Still or Riley would really help in the future as far as getting those other bluechippers that always come out of southeastern MI! Morgan is a great start tho

  • Musket Rebellion

    Kirk and Riley are the big two names that I’d love to see emblazoned on the back of a Maize and Blue jersey. I think that is a widespread love affair that we wounded Wolverine fans are intrigued by their early interest in Michigan. Riley seems like a longshot, but Ekpe leaving would give us a better shot at him. Personally I’d like to cling to Ekpe staying because the chances of us landing a 5 star stud seem pretty slim, but there is always hope. Kirk definitely seems more apt to want to come in and play in Ann Arbor. If we pull in Brown and Morris, and either one of those two I’d absolutely freak out, and probably throw rocks at my Spartan friends out of jubilation. Well, maybe not rocks, but something with some heft to it.

  • I don’t think the chances are very realistic at Kirk or Riley at this point. I also don’t think that means we are missing out on a 5-star stud at this point either…

  • Ky Fox

    i can understand people not considering Riley a stud at this point…but…he has a 5 star rating for some reason. Yeah he might not be having huge games with aau and such, but ive watched some videos of him and it looks to me as if he has some pretty good raw talent! And we have to keep reminding ourselves that JB is on the sidelines and not Amaker, which translates to whoever is being brought in here to play will progress and become better…not worse. I think Riley would be a huge get for us,(probable longshot..depending on Udoh) and i do not buy into the argument that he wouldnt fit in to JB’s “system” Riley is the type of player that would help UM become a real good team NATIONALY…being he has some athletic ability for a guy 6’11” And it would open up the door to more local hot prospects! I would do anything possible to grab him…Even tho rite now it seems like he might be slightly overrated. With JB he could become a very Dynamic big man!! Comparison that comes to mind..(Chris Wilcox)

  • Musket Rebellion

    Dylan, I could tell by your hotboard assessment of Riley that you don’t think much of him. I also understand that we don’t have much of a chance at this point with either him or Kirk. I’m hoping for Brown and Morris at this point anyways. I think that those two guys, plus Morgan, would give us two solid recruiting classes in a row. What do you think are our chances of landing either of those guys?

  • At this point I would say we look pretty good with both of them. The key is getting them on campus and sealing the deal.

  • Ky Fox

    the other question is who is going to be the next big man sought after by JB? Brown is not someone who will be able to bang down low. This all depending on Udoh of course

  • Musket Rebellion

    I’m still holding out hope for Ekpe. But if he goes can we refer to him as EXpe from that point on?

  • Ky Fox

    you better believe we can muskett!

  • Playa

    “No one was in on …Morgan … before JB was..”

    Wrong on Morgan, he had several schools interested in him, including Gonzaga, Xavier, Stanford. They still want him, from what I hear.

    Riley is overrated. He just stands under the basket waiting for the ball. I’d pass on him, seriously.

  • Ky Fox

    oh ok my bad….stanford, xavier, and gonzaga knew about Morgan. So suddenly Morgan is so much better than Riley just because Morgan commited, ok…lol. Well rivals and insiders must be WAY off on theyre assesment of talent because morgan is a 2 and 3 star, and Riley is a solid 4 and 5…or maybe just 5 i cant remember. If this is the case we might as well not even think about consulting those services anymore. Im not saying JB wont turn Morgan into a very solid player, but i think he could do the same with Riley! :)