Jordan Morgan Invited To NBAPA Top 100 Camp

Dylan Burkhardt

Congrats to Jordan Morgan for receiving an invitation to the NBAPA camp which features the “top 100 juniors and sophomores in the country”. The camp is scheduled for June at the University of Virginia and will give Jordan a chance to keep working on his game and play against some of the best players in the country.

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  • old fan

    Is this a surprise? I don’t remember him being on many top 100 lists. This seems to be a good sign, but is this a true top 100 type event?

    Either way, congrats Jordan.

  • josh

    Congrats Jordan!

    This is definitely a great sign for both him and UM.

  • Andrea Ames

    Hooray! Hard work added to talent and natural gifts pays off!
    Mo Cuislagh

  • Steve

    here is a link to camp information. hopefully he can blog while he’s down there.

  • a2matt

    Udoh gone

  • I’m glad this camp exists. Not only does it aid in improving student athletes with the potential to move on to a top college and the NBA, but the time put into aiding both parents and athletes with regards to issues that can be raised if one moves upwards towards the NBA. What I’m referring to is how one should handle taking in anything from college supporters (cars, money, etc.) up to the lure of spending “big” if one makes it into the NBA. Stemming from changing one’s income level from what each student athlete’s family earns in a year to upwards of millions of dollars. I like that they have tips and resources to effectively deal with situations like these that can go bad: Especially after retirement (i.e. Did one save money from NBA earnings to live a good life) when the flow of money dissipates from their hands like a breath of air.