Transfer Watch: Larry Wright

Dylan Burkhardt

Larry WrightThere is another new transfer to pay close attention to the next few days and weeks and his name is Larry Wright. Wright, a former Saginaw High School guard is transferring from St Johns. Wright just finished up his sophomore year and has announced that he wishes to transfer closer to home because of an illness to a family member. I don’t know if this is a Tyler Smith situation but that certainly would be a blessing if we were to land Larry Wright and he was eligible to play this year.

Saginaw coach Dawkins on Michigan’s chances:

Asked if Michigan is a school Wright will consider, Dawkins told The Detroit News Tuesday it’s one of many that would be an “outstanding fit.” “It’s too early to tell,” said Dawkins of Wright’s future plans.

At 6-2 180 lbs Wright averaged 9.1 points per game in 18.9 minutes per game and shot 40.2% from three point range. The scary number is that Larry averaged only .5 assists per game both his freshman and sophomore years. So it appears that he is a lot more of a 2 guard than a point guard.

As a recruit Wright was a three star and played for state power Saginaw High and jumped on a scholarship offer and chance to play in the Big East at St. Johns. He also listed teams such as UNLV, St bonaventure, George Washington, Tennessee, Pittsburgh and Seton Hall throughout his recruitment.

If Wright could play in the fall based off a Tyler Smith-like appeal (don’t know the details of Larry’s family situation or how likely an appeal would be but you have to figure they would try) this would be a huge get in my opinion because Michigan needs all of the scoring help they can get and a 40% three point shooter seems like a good fit. Not to mention he already has 2 years of college experience under his belt and if he doesn’t turn out he would only hold a scholarship for 08 and 09 classes. Of course this would also help alleviate some of the talk of Beilein not recruiting Michigan city kids (even if he is a transfer).

From what I hear this is definetely a situation to keep a very close on eye on because it seems like the interest is there.

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  • Dave Hutchinson

    According to, “Wright said he will look at a Big Ten, ACC or other major conference school.”

  • Musket Rebellion

    I think this would be a good get for us, but I think I would rather sit and see what JB does with the recruiting class rather than wait for a transfer. As is I think we only have 2 or 3 openings for scholarships with very few coming off the books next year. The early returns from Beilein’s 09 class are promising. Perhaps I’m worrying too much that we’ll miss out on the first killer signing of the Beilein era by picking up another transfer.

  • Michigan is very much a player and would seemingly make sense.

    If he could play this year on appeal he basically becomes an 08 with 2 years to play and ready to play immediately. Better than a Watts type I would say especially because he can stroke it.

    Watch this one closely.

  • josh

    the NCAA is a bunch of jerks, they wont let this kid play this year.

  • Also Beilein did pretty well with several transfers at WVU. And also probably is somewhat familiar with Wright from being in the Big East.

  • Benjamin

    What is the likelihood of the NCAA permitting him to play this year?

    I was not familiar with the Tyler Smith case- but in that scenario his father died. Did Larry have someone pass away or are they battling an illness?

    I wonder if that makes a difference to the NCAA.

  • The quote from the Lacy article says: “because of a recent discovery of an illness involving a member of his family.”

    I think Smith won the appeal before his dad died but I am not sure though. I would say the chances are pretty slim but we really don’t know the circumstances.

  • I’m hoping for Michigan myself. He’s one of St. John’s favorite players (I’m working on a profile on him for my end of year review for my site, mostly a St. John’s fan blog); the fan boards love this kid. The students like the kid. And he’s a pretty solid scorer if he wasn’t jerked around w/r/t playing time.

    Letting you know, also, it’s been known that Larry was dissatisfied with his role, and the illness issue isn’t the sole reason whatsoever.

  • a2matt

    Any timetable for his decision?

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  • Ky Fox

    Im somewhat leaning towards musketeer rebellion on this 1! I Agree in bolstering the 09 class as best as we can! If things go well with morris and crew this could be a very solid class!
    on the other hand, often times you see players who transfer really succeed in theyre new enviroment. Im not sure if it is a new enviroment and a new sense of belonging or what…and a lot of times those players build a real close bond to the coach that excepted them in!! Im still a little partial to bolstering the 09 class!