Updated 2009 Hotboard

Dylan Burkhardt

Made a few changes to the hot board. Removed a couple names and added a few. Also added a few tidbits and links to a few profiles. I will try to update the hotboard much more often over the summer when recruiting starts picking up during AAU season. The names are not very sorted right now, as the summer progresses I’ll try to sort them out some more. But don’t look too hard into order yet. View the hot board.

  • Mason Plumlee – Duke Verbal
  • Diamond Taylor – WI Verbal


  • Steven Pledger
  • Tyler Koch
  • Raymond Cowels
  • Andrew Bock
  • CJ Harris

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  • Tom

    Seems to be a lot evaluation still taking place. Not in the sense of identifying targets, but really locking down who those individuals are that will be doggedly pursued.

    I think we know Andy Brown and Darius Morris are on the top of the list…but the trick is finding and actively recruiting guys that are at or near the level of the guys at the top of list should they fall through.

    It sounds like the staff really is spreading its wings, which is never a bad thing. I also imagine that 2010 kids are also getting plenty of attention.

    Should be interesting to see how this stuff plays itself out.

  • Tom

    Bock’s AAU team is IEBP, fwiw.

  • Thanks Tom.

  • Jdub

    Well hopefully Ekpe makes up his mind soon so we at least know where we stand. I personally will be devastated if he leaves… diekpe muudoh

  • Musket Rebellion

    The loss of Ekpe would be disastrous. I think this is universally agreed upon.