Manny Harris Throwback Video

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Benjamin

    Where was that explosiveness and emotion last season?

  • Please tell me that was a little bit of sarcasm and that you saw at least some explosiveness and emotion from our best player who was 2nd team all Big Ten and first team All-Freshman.

  • Benjamin

    Some. But compare this reel to this season and it is night and day.

    I found most of Manny’s performances to be quite lackadaisical. Now, did he have his moments? Yes. He was able to score a lot and gain some mentions (2nd team, Freshman, etc)- but his play was lethargic at times.

    This is undeniable.

  • Steve

    You are blind and ignorant if you think that Manny was lethargic this year. What a joke. Let me guess, you thought Courtney Sims was the heart and soul of the team two years ago?

  • Did Manny struggle with shooting sometimes, turnovers sometimes, getting too frustrated, forcing shots. Yes. But I would always say he played hard.

    Did he play a lot of the year with nagging injuries to his ankle and quad I think too. That could effect his explosiveness.

    I just didn’t even think hustle was a problem for Manny this year. Maybe we were watching different games.

  • Benjamin

    Steve, instead of name calling why don’t you leave something slightly more insightful?

    Dylan, you may be correct. It could have been his ankle slowing him down. At times this year I was very frustrated with Manny due to lazy passes (ie turnovers) and shot selection. I don’t see how this can even be debated.

  • Steve

    I’m not going to spend a lot of time to defend my point, but you need to realize that Manny is a quiet leader. He rarely changes his facial expression, rarely claps or pumps up the crowd, or rarely looks like he’s working hard…. but he’s very intense on the court, and he leads by example. He’s been that way since high school. For you to say there’s a difference between the high school mixtape and his first college season…. yes this is true. But he was playing against guys with 3-4 years older and 30 pounds bigger than he ever face in high school, and he still held his own. Wait till he fills out over the summer, then tell me how “lethargic” he looks.

  • cwood

    Maybe if he had a few more fist pumps, claps and intense facial expressions he would have made first team all big ten instead of being a boring second team all big ten player. Oh, and maybe if pumps up the crowd more often his shooting percentage will go up.

  • Benjamin: I just admitted that he made some lazy passes and had poor shot selection at times. But you started this debate by saying: “Where was that explosiveness and emotion last season?”

    I don’t think thats what was lacking. If you look at Manny maybe he let his emotion get the best of him sometimes but I don’t think you could debate that he had heart and emotion this year. That’s all I’m saying. I’ll have a Manny report card soon as well as a bunch more report cards. Should be coming near the end of this week and next week.

  • josh

    wow, this is one of the most ridiculous arguments i have ever seen. i guarantee Benjamin has never played a second of basketball in his life, except of pickup. If there is one thing I wont let you do it is rip Manny or any other player on the Michigan team for not trying. This team may not be very talented, but they dont need idiots like you to be saying they dont work hard. You are way off buddy. Guys like Manny arent just playing for Michigan, they are playing for their family, city, friends, and many other things. You wouldnt know much about this. Manny is one hell of a player, and one hard worker!

  • josh

    by the way, cwoods comments really arent worthy of any comment.

  • cwood

    josh, ever hear of sarcasm?

  • yea my sarcasm radar hit the ceiling when i read cwoods post.

  • josh

    Sorry cwoods, i really only read line 1 and then stopped. Anyway yea if he did clap he would be an all american.