Beilein Meeting Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

The Beilein/Maize Rage meeting took place last night and apparently went very well. The players stuck around for a few minutes and answered some questions. The best player quote that a couple people emailed me was from Anthony Wright about pre-game music:

Well every now and then a really good pump-up song will come on, then 10 seconds later the band will come in playin Yankee Doodle

Here are a few of the main points from the meeting:

  • About 25 Maize Ragers were there, they ate Cottage Inn with the team for a while and then the team took off for study table. Beilein and some of the coaches stayed the entire time.
  • The Maize Ragers also got a tour of the facilities, and most seemed impressed with the locker rooms and weight room. One note on S&C, the basketball strength coach for the basketball team is Jim Plocki, not the legendary Barwis.
  • New sound system will be in next year.
  • Some suggested improvements:
  • Free tickets (hopefully).
  • Better transportation to and from games. No more having 1 bus to try to pick up ALL the students.
  • Improving the pre-game video.
  • Some other ideas mentioned were things like improving the Maize Rage t-shirt as well as some kind of event in the fall during an away football game with the football game on the big screen

Overall it seems like it was a very good event and that Beilein definetely seems committed to improving the game day atmosphere. This of course is just a start to making real progress and I think improvements to facilities over the next few years (sound system, practice facility) are imminent. Hopefully improvements to Crisler mixed with a couple successful seasons will have Crisler rocking again. One final note, it was mentioned that Laval Lucas-Perry will probably not be eligible until after his Fall semester grades are in (but no official ruling has been made).

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  • Tim

    Is the S&C coach Bev Plocki’s husband? I’d assume it’s not a particularly common name. Except, like, in Poland.

  • Steve

    Yep, same guy.

  • Sean

    Beilein also said that there would be a new sound system for next season

  • a2matt

    Is LLP trying to get a redshirt or the ability to play right away in 08?

  • gooter9

    Is Plocki an old Gittleson guy or from the new Barwis regime?

  • Gittleson

  • Chuck

    I’ve hear that Plocki is thrilled by the changes, though.

  • skremla

    yankee doodle — classic. the band isn’t there for the players it’s there for all those old fogey fans who want their bullwinkle (even though that cartoon hasn’t been on tv since like the 60’s)

  • drew

    I am one of those old fogeys……….and I hate the band.They are anemic and completely uninspired. The only time it is any good is when the alumni band with the detroit high school and former mich grad directs.

    Why not let some dj’s spin during breaks. However as one that has attended games since the mid 60’s I long for the days when sports events were not a damn chuck e cheese endless music video imitation…….