Signing Day Recruiting Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

Steven Pledger

A couple more tidbits on Pledger’s recruitment from his father. There is a long list right now, and they like a lot of schools for a lot of different reasons. However the top 10 for Pledger right now in no particular order: Michigan, Oklahoma, VCU, Villanova, Virginia, George Mason, Wake Forest, Hampton, Marquette, and Texas. Pledger’s father did mention that they have always liked Coach Beilein and that Michigan has a definite leg up with Beilein at the helm.

Zack Novak

Zack Novak has faxed his signed LOI to the University of Michigan and is officially a part of the Michigan basketball program. It seems like this will likely wrap up Michigan’s 2008 recruiting class. Beilein on Zack:

“We are very pleased to have Zack join us. He has a real passion for the game and a competitive nature that any coach wants to coach. His range … let’s put it this way, the new (three-point) line will not bother his shooting range. He is a proven winner. He led his team this year, in fact during his entire career at Chesterton, after starting on varsity as a freshman, and we are hoping he will have the same success here at Michigan. We like players that can give us versatility, and Zack does that for us. He can play multiple positions. Of our three signees he is probably the most versatile, and we were really looking for a player with that ability during this signing.”

Zack has been playing great ball lately and looks to be a very good addition. With his strong showing at the Indiana Top 60 workout I would think he will make the Indiana/Kentucky contest which takes place in June.

Ebuka Anyaorah

Ebuka is set to sign his LOI with the University of Georgia today. Michigan never really seemed to be a big player in Ebuka’s recruitment after his decommit from Colorado. Ebuka chose Georgia from a final two of UGA and Colorado.


Big combo guard Raymond Cowels lists Michigan. Justin Watts’ recruitment has been pretty silent lately. Colt Ryan and Tyler Koch are among Michigan targets chosen for ’08 Indiana Junior All-Stars Team. Old Tucker Halpern article, another article about Halpern in Boston Area HS All-Star game. Another quote on Halpern (4-14-08):

As for Halpern he continues to be a very potent catch and shoot player. But it was his willingness to do some dirty work today that caught our attention as he was very active on the glass in both the semi-finals and finals.

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  • Ky Fox

    Why doesnt Udoh just stay the course with JB and JB will get him into the NBA, then Udoh can buy his family a house in whatever city hes drafted to! Problem solved! :)

  • Ky Fox

    good stuff on Pledger tho! Sounds to me like he has some real good potential! Good size, a real nice shot…and a good defender! Everything else would fall into place!
    my concern for next year is how competetive are we going to be without the services of Udoh?? If he leaves its going to require Cronin, and Gibby to play a lot of minutes! Lets all pray that Cronin comes in and is much better than preconceived! He can block shots…im def assuming not as well as Udoh but at least hes used to doing it! I do hope Cronin plays at a lighter wieght than it looks like hes listed at…I would think that if he is indeed 7′ or 7’1″ that a good wieght would be around 245 maybe a little less! And if infact Udoh leaves i would really consider pushing for Still! Ive heard that hes actually not that bad of an offensive player, and would come in at around 6’10” and he is good on the defensive end as well! He would be a nice transition player! Thank God we have Morgan coming in next fall as well!

  • a2matt

    Maybe the need fpr a point guard isnt as much as we all think it is. Maybe what Beilein has seen in practice of LLP he thinks he has the ability to play the point.

  • sid

    Anybody know which players Beilein was scouting in Europe?

  • Musket Rebellion

    I am really excited about this recruiting class. Some people are irate about the lack of star power in the class, but we have to remember that outside of Manny Harris Amaker’s last three classes were garbage. This is a big step up, and gives us some depth and young talent for Beilein to mold. I think we all severely misjudged the rebuilding job that was waiting for JB when he got here.

  • Ky Fox

    yeah he didnt have much to work with once he got here!

  • Ky Fox

    well let me rephrase that…he had some good players, but no quality/contributional depth!!

  • Ky Fox

    I should say he “HAS” good players!!

  • SH