Pledger Plans to Camp at U-M

Dylan Burkhardt

A few tidbits on Pledger. His current height and weight is 6-4 190lbs, not the 6-2 that the Rivals articles had him listed at. One other note, Pledger plans to attend the Michigan Elite camp this summer (June 27th). I am trying to get more information on Pledger but thought I would pass along this quick nugget. For some more background on Pledger here is a good profile from last summer. If you missed our first post introducing Pledger after his play this weekend at Boo Williams you can read it here.

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  • Ky Fox

    read the nice article, but wasnt too happy to see msu on his list of schools of choice!!

  • That list is a year old so take it with a grain of salt… The first Pledger article has a more recent list.

  • UMbballDC

    I’ve never been the type to follow recruiting closely (probably because there has never been a great blog like this one to keep me informed). So I’m wondering what this means. Obviously, it’s a good thing, but how good? How many camps do players usually attend?

    My guess is that this is solid confirmation that the player is seriously considering Michigan and not just casually thinking about it.

  • Beilein started having a camp like this last summer. There is an Elite Camp and a Team camp in June now as well as the instructional kids camp.

    I know Stu Douglass was at the camp last year. It is definetely a good sign, I am not sure how many camps players usually attend but you can basically look at it sort of as a visit.

  • Bluebufoon

    Good news, but who or what position was Beilein recruiting in Europe ??

    Was the trip fruitful ??

  • a2matt

    Have we ever had any high profile guys camp with us who werent already committed?

  • Dylan

    there were some pretty big names at team camp last year. Beilein restructured the camps and emphasizes them much more than Tommy did.

  • BL11

    I was surprised to see Beilein say in Lacy’s article that he could possibly still take an 08 once he is done evaluating 09 recruits.

    I am “assuming” that means he WAS recruiting overseas and he maybe has a guy that is worthy if he feels the 09 class of recruits isn’t high on UM and/or UM isn’t high on the 09 class of recruits.

  • Ky Fox

    I like the size he brings to the court! So apparently he can stroke from deep! How athletic is he Dylan??

  • I have not seen him play.

    another free rivals article mentions him:

    Steven Pledger

    Put down Pledger’s name as a legitimate high major shooting guard. A physical player with good size for his position, Pledger consistently knocked down jumpers over the weekend while exuding confidence. And when he got to the basket, he finished as well.

    Defensively, he was Boo Williams top perimeter defender. On a team full of talented prospects, Pledger was perhaps the key to Boo Williams’ run to the championship.

  • Ky Fox

    huh! Well it stands to reason that you have to be fairly athletic to finish at the bucket and play good perimiter D! Some encouraging words!

  • Alex Lewis

    I heard Pledger’s Godfather is a State alumn who’s trying to get them interested to get him there. Stay tuned.

  • Ky Fox

    Sounds promising! Very nice to hear he has range on his jumper!!

  • Ky Fox

    huh! Well it stands to reason that you have to be fairly athletic to finish at the bucket and play good perimiter D! Some encouraging words!