Big Ten/ACC Challenge Schedule Announced

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will play at Maryland on December 3rd in the Big Ten/ACC challenge this year. Definitely a tough draw for Michigan but should be a fun game I would say. Some other matchups of note: MSU plays UNC at Ford Field, Duke at Purdue, and Wisconsin at Virginia Tech. Click here for full list of games, by my calculations is looks like another loss for the Big Ten in the Challenge. This is going to be a tough stretch for Michigan because from what I hear (unconfirmed) we are playing Duke at home the Saturday after (December 6th). These pre-conference games are presumably without Laval Lucas-Perry who pending appeal will not be eligible to play until late December.

The confirmed games so far this year that I can think of: Maryland, Duke, UCLA, Oakland, Harvard and one of the pre-season tournaments. I would presume most of the other non-conference slots would be filled with cupcakes.

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  • Ky Fox

    yep, should be a tuffy @ maryland!! But you never kno….JB could have us playing some real good basketball by then….and really gelling as a team! A lot will depend on Udoh’s situation! We will be a deeper(quality depth) team and i think folks will learn real quick how big of a difference that makes! GO BLUE!

  • Musket Rebellion

    I think this is a winnable game. Maryland was never really going to be a tourney team this year, and we should be much improved by this point next season. It would be nice if LLP could play by then, but I won’t count on it. We will be a lot deeper next year with the addition of this freshman class. Although I don’t know if we will win, and going into any ACC building is tough, I wouldn’t count us out of this one. It is a long time until December though.

  • joe s

    where do we play Oakland at home or away????

  • Dylan

    I think it may be at the Palace.

  • Jimmy

    I agree that ALOT depends on Epke Udoh. With him, we’ll have a lot of guard and wing depth and a capable rotation of bigs with Udoh, Gibson, Sims, Cronin (& Wright..depends where you classify him). Without Udoh, our best defended and inside presence our bigs lack depth, experience and any true production in big man stats.

  • UMbballDC

    While playing at Maryland doesn’t excite me, it’s great because it’s close enough for me to go to the game!

    I’m confident it won’t be worse than the game at Georgetown last year.

  • Well Harvard beat us this year… But I was just stating the games already on the slate, and implying that any other games probably will be cupcakes. Not that Oakland and Harvard aren’t.

  • Ky Fox

    hahaha…I think I have an someone writing comments for me!! I usually capitalize both names and have a space between! ex: Ky Fox

  • Yea, I got rid of them. Someone really likes to impersonate people I guess.

  • Ky Fox

    no biggie, but…. good you did Dylan!