Novak Shines in Top 60 Workout

Dylan Burkhardt

Zack Novak put on a show at the Top 60 Workout this weekend and is showing people that he is the real deal. The game featured the Top 60 players in Indiana and Zack definetely proved that he belonged. The NWI Times has a whole article about Zack in the game and Zack’s hard work to improve. It’s certainly an encouraging article and hopefully Zack keeps working hard this summer once he gets to Ann Arbor.

“We’re looking for guys who are motivated, energy guys. I like what I saw in Novak. He is an energy guy.”

Novak was very clear about his goal, which was to show enough to make the Indiana All-Star team. On my clipboard, he was a Top 5 player out of the Top 60. He had a dunk over Crown Point’s Stephen Albrecht that almost tore the roof of the place. Two handed. Rim bending. Crowd pleasing.

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  • Steve

    Great news… sounds like the coaches might have found a good one in Novak

  • Steve

    Oh I forgot… he was only a 3 star player… what were the coaches thinking?

  • a2matt

    I hope we get a an extra schooly for 09. A class of Pledger, Brown, and Morris would be tight.

  • Steve

    Unlikely we land all three…. I hope we get Brown or Morris, I’m not expecting both (or one for that matter)

  • We need at least one of them. Otherwise thats a pretty major recruiting loss IMO. Maybe not one of those three but a player or two on that level.

  • Ky Fox

    If we can at least get brown then things will be looking up i believe! Im really feeling like we just need a little more at the 3/4! And brown would really fit in and he could possibly end up being another NBA work of art JB will produce like he did Joe Alexander! Then we will have Morgan who will be a beast! 2010 could be the year we grab a PG. Because by then we would be about 2 deep at that position! But if we can be really appealing to Morris, or Harris, or even Pledger, then id say grab em. But it will be like ive said before, a really good test for JB and his staff to try and get, I would say at least 2 of these guys…Brown, Morris, Harris, or Pledger!!

  • Ky Fox

    but very goood to hear about Novak! Sounds to me like he might have benn a tad underrated! Once again a great testament to JB’s ability to find diamonds in the rough! Still doesnt take away the fact JB needs to land 1 to 2 high profile guys though! Not knocking Novak’s game in any way but im just talking about those Manny harris’s, Malik Hairston, James Still, or D Kirk, and ill even throw Andy Brown in that mix! JB has to reel those guys in at least every other year!

  • RE: Tyshawn Taylor

    Tyshawn Taylor

    Try not to post info from pay-sites like Rivals/Scout. Theres a free link above with some info on Taylor. We could definetely use help at the 1 and it seems like Michigan has expressed interest. Don’t know much more I’ll try to do some digging.

  • joe s

    Ok my bad but he seems like a real good player

  • Yup, he definetely sounds like a good player which explains UM’s interest. And I think we have plenty of minutes at the PG.

  • hoosierine

    just curious, did anyone go to the meeting at chrisler?? any reports on turnout or what ideas came up or any decisions made?

  • The meeting is this week at Crisler, April 16th. (not Chrisler ;-) )