Monday Night Links

Dylan Burkhardt
Manny Harris MVP
  • Harris Named Michigan MVP at Team Awards Celebration
    Manny Fresh wins MVP (certainly lives up to the name with that suit); CJ Lee Leadership and Hustle; Ekpe Defense, Wright Improved, Ronnie Sportsmanship, Zack Sixth-man,Kelvin Most assists, Deshawn rebounding, Merritt academics, Puls Iron Man.
  • Udoh’s future at Michigan still up in the air
    “I just want to go home, turn off my phone for a little bit and just pray about it,” said Udoh, a Edmond, Oklahoma native, about his future plans. “I just need to play hard and win — and look good while we’re winning,”. Lacy is not confident in his blog entry tonight.
    -Put a non-premium Detroit News link up. These quotes are not very encouraging, but Ekpe heads home this week and then we will see where we are.
  • U-M’s Martin hopes for Fab Five reunion
    Lacy is on top of things tonight, this tidbit is very encouraging in my book: “One of these days I want to have a reunion for the entire team,” Martin said amidst applause. “And I want to do that as soon as possible.”
  • Scouts: Koufas Leaving
    Not surprising.

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  • josh

    ky fox ur stupid if you don’t want Udoh back. I would do anything to convince this kid to stay.

  • josh

    i am speechless on u but anyway congrats to everyone on their awards especcially Manny.

  • Kyfox: let’s cool it with the name calling alright?

  • also if ekpe wanted out he’d be out. Right now he doesn’t know what he wants. Is that a crime?

  • josh

    exactly dylan

  • that picture doesn’t do manny’s suit justice. it was “fresh.” i think every speaker mentioned it. jshep is player most likely to marry soon btw

  • Ky Fox

    is the comment box working??

  • cwood

    Random unrelated question – Did LLP’s appeal to get the extra year of eligibility back ever go through?

  • josh

    looks like LLP wont play til Dec. 21.

  • old fan

    That is one fly suit. He makes it work.

    I see good things in the future. All stars need to have the ability to pull off that suit. Not that every star needs to wear that suit but they have to have the ability to make it happen when they do.

  • cwood

    what i meant is, will he be considered a sophomore or a redshirt freshman next year?

  • kyfox: shoot me an email:

    LLP’s appeal has not been decided last I heard, we will find out if he can play in the fall and if he will be a freshman when that is resolved I would assume.

  • Musket Rebellion

    It would be awful if Ekpe left the team. He is the one big man that we have that can defend opposing big men. I know Ben Cronin is coming in, but I’d much rather have a rising junior showing him the ropes in the Big Ten than throwing him to the wolves instantly.

    Also, it looks like Manny and Jalen had the same tailor. Did you see Jalen at the Illinois game? He looked bodacious… to quote the Ninja Turtles and surfers everywhere.

  • Ky Fox

    ok ok dude…cwood and josh relax! Have you not read any of my comments last week?? Everyone didnt care that udoh was potentially leaving, and they said it wouldnt be a huge loss to the program! I was one of the very few who said that losing udoh would really hurt us bad! Im just frustrated with these guys not commiting to anything! Maybe its just been the track record here at UM with legion, horford, and a few others who basically where signed up to attend UM and said” ahhhh boy I dont kno….i guess now i dont really want to attend UM”….Thats not frustratng to any of you?? I Guess I just feel that if Udoh wanted out he should have done it from the get go!! Its just hard to build a program when you have guys doing that! You can never count on having someone for a next season…it just puts a lot of pressure on the coach….as if he doesnt have enough pressure on him already!!

  • Ky Fox

    and i understand some of these guys dont have a lot of positive guidence in theyre lives, and coaching changes happen, but its like if your good enough for the NBA , as long as your in a good conference your going to get noticed! Heck even if your not in one, if you are good enough and have ability…you will indeed go to the NBA. All this crap about…well if i go here, or if i go there, i will have a better shot at the NBA! That might count for a very small percentage of your chances! Its hard to hide from the NBA, especially if your good enough and your in the big ten!!

  • hat

    It sounds like Udoh’s mind is really on the pros. Someone should tell him that the shortest potential route is to stay at UM and have a breakout junior year. Anywhere else and he’d have to wait a year to play again.

  • One thing that I think people might be missing with respect to Ekpe is this…

    Everyone says he needs more strength, this or that. Well maybe another year would be good for him to hit the gym etc? I certainly don’t agree but if you think about it his AAU coach wanted him to goto Prep School for a year before entering college I don’t think the idea that sitting a year might help him in the long run would be that crazy.

  • hat

    So where does Koufos’s apparent departure leave OSU? They also lose Butler and Hunter to graduation. Do they have another stud recruiting class coming in, or will it be rebuilding time?

  • They have another stud recruiting class. Their weakness is at PG though. Noopy Crater is not ready to run the point in the Big Ten IMO. Mullens is another 5 star beast of a center though and they have a couple other very good pieces. Just no PG on the roster.

  • Ky Fox

    thats why i had OSU(a team I really like)finishing 3rd in the big ten! Behind MSU 1st, and Due 2nd! And…..after OSU i have the fourth spot as a toss up between our wolverines(providing Udoh will of course stick around) and the badgers! I really like Izzo’s team next year…they only lose basically 1 starter and he(Neitzel) whos was very good, will be replaced by Lucas who at times looked like a more well rounded player than Drew with the exception of maybe his shooting! I like our chances inconference this upcoming season!!…and nonconference as well….so basically im saying we should be well improved:)

  • Ky Fox

    as far as Epke needing to get stronger, I do not think he needs to get that much stronger! He just needs to gain more skill! Now im not necissarily saying that Udoh shouldnt hit some wieghts and add some strength…but sometimes it can be a negative to add a bunch of muscle! He might not be as agile, or as nimble on his feet, which is crucial when your trying to block shots!(which is one of Epke’s strengths) Does anyone remember what happend to Courtney Simms when he gained a bunch of wieght/muscle?? Now we all understand that Amaker was coaching him up…which explaines a lot, but adding muscle and bulk essentially hurt Simms! He became much slower and sloth like! I believe it would do Udoh good to stick with JB…because JB is going to round out his game on the offensive end and not get all caught up in gaining muscle and bulk! Look at some others who made it to the NBA who arent all beefed up…joakim noah, chris bosh, garnett, dunleavy, morrison, villeneuva!!

  • Ky Fox

    I think that Epke should just tone up and work on his offense. Some guys just shouldnt bulk up, and I think Epke is one of them! Manny is one who i believe should really hit the wieghts…not particularily gain a bunch of wieght, but get stronger physicaly, and stronger with the basketball, and he will be a joy to watch in the future!

  • Musket Rebellion

    Courtney Simms should’ve been the best women’s basketball player in the history of UM. Unfortunately he signed on for the men’s team.

    I try to think of where him missing that dunk against OSU puts our program. If he makes that dunk, then we beat OSU, and we go to the tournament that year. This could lead to greater recruits, and better facilities.

    On the flip side, if he makes that dunk then Amaker never gets canned. Amaker, while being a great human being, is not even a good basketball coach. He’s a decent recruiter who watched his decent to good recruits take a step back every year they were here. We should be talking about Harris in the pros, but he wasn’t even on draft boards. The dunk leads to Beilein being hired and although we had a disastrous season last year, the pieces are in place for future success, and that is far better than where we would ever be with Amaker.