Recruiting Notes 4-12-08

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Brown’s Recruitment Expanding
    Andy Brown, one of the top junior power forwards in the west for 2009, has an upcoming trip to a Big Ten school… (Scout $ Link)
  • Recruiting heating up for Winchester’s Tyler Koch
    ” Winchester coach Chip Mehaffey said Indiana, Michigan and Notre Dame have been the three that have shown the most interest in the 6-foot-5 guard.” (Rivals Profile) Another prospect to watch over the summer. Hot board updates are coming at the end of April.
  • New Marquette coach Buzz Williams wastes little time in contacting Racine Horlick’s Jamil Wilson
    No mention of Michigan in the article, looks like MSU is making a move, someone send him film of Raymar Morgan’s regression.
  • Boo Williams: Saturday Morning
    Dashonte Riley and James Still at Boo Williams. Oak Hill forward Glenn Bryant does not list either of his home state schools Michigan or Michigan State. Derrick Nix (Pershing/Family) is mentioned as MAC recruit at this time.

    DaShonte Riley, the highest rated player on The Family, hasn’t played like one so far. He’s been very, very quiet in every possible way. Teammate James Still looks a good three inches taller than what he was last year. And that’s clearly a good thing. He’s a long and agile big man at 6-foot-9 (maybe a little taller) and could be coming into his own at the right time this spring.

Tyler Koch Video:

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  • a2matt

    If we miss out on Morris or CJ Harris, and pick up Brown/Cohen, Id love to see this guy (Koch). Id like to get an extra scholly and get this guy. He seems like Novak except a more consistent and better shooter. Has amazing Basketball IQ and instincts.

  • Bry get a life and stop immitating sam webb on your posts. and stop actin like you know stuff about mich bball cus you dont you just know what sam or dre decide to tell you or what you detroit connects think they know.

  • Bluebufoon

    Is John Beilein in Europe on a recruiting trip and do we know who he is looking at ?

  • I heard it in passing that Beilein was in Europe but I have no idea who he is recruiting. Maybe he will come back with the next Herber.

  • Ky Fox

    i just hope JB is going after guys who will take this program to the next level! Id like to think he will build a team for national success!(no system type of wisconsin) I think these next 8 to 12 months with the recruitment of morris, brown, and or harris, will be a telling tail for JB and his ability to nab somewhat upper tier players!! Im not saying we need to grab 3 to 4 mcdonalds all americans every year but guys like morris and brown we need to be able to real in!

  • Ky Fox

    i meen reel in!!

  • Bluebufoon

    I have no doubt Coach Beilein will return us to the NCAA Tournament on a regular basis and consistently ranked at the back end of the national rankings but I do wonder whether this style of play will allow us to be a perrinial top-10 team ?

  • Ky Fox

    that is the million dollar question bluebufoon!! Id like to say in about 5 or 6 years we can get there! I dont really think JB’s style is so different in that it should turn players away! In fact from watching them play i would think it would be appealing and fun for players! I think a bigger question might be can JB get the players in certain positions with enough skill/athletic abilty to beat teams like UNC, Florida, Memphis?? I think he might suprise a lot of us!! That might be a better question! And all i keep thinking about and the first person who pops in to my head is Joe Alexander!! But is just 1 Joe Alexander enough?? A lot is dependent on your supporting cast! Think about this tho….what if Davidson had Joe Alexander starting at the 4 for them?? Could they have been playing UNC for a shot at Memphis??

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  • BL11

    He looks like a good player. First thing i noticed from the video is that everytime the ball touches the rim…Koch is following his shot (even on fade-aways) however when its all net he knows. Tells me the kid understands the game and his shot very well. Looks like a kid Beilein tends to like.

    The other recruiting site’s profile has him listed as 2010 which im assuming is a mistake.

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