U-D Hires Ray McCallum

Dylan Burkhardt

Detroit hired Ray McCallum today, which means Mike Jackson should be staying in the Maize and Blue for now. This is good news on many fronts. Jackson has instate ties, is a great recruiter, and is well liked by many players on the team. I would think he is still getting adjusted to Beilein’s system but it’s great to retain him. This is also very good news with respect to the Ekpe Udoh situation. Mike Jackson and Ekpe are very close and this could help get Ekpe fully back on board.

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  • Ky Fox

    yaaaay! Udoh please stay!

  • Kevin in GR

    Glad to hear some good news for a change! :) It’s good to have assistants work there way into getting head jobs, but at this stage in building the program….it sounds as though it’d be a quite the loss.

  • hat