Thursday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • UMbballDC

    Does it hurt Lacy’s credibility when the very first sentence of his article starts talking about “incoming recruit DeShawn Sims,” and the Beilein hiring. Sims was not an incoming recruit when Beilein was hired. Does he mean Manny? Does this guy have a clue?

    Please, someone help me, because I grade college freshmen’s papers all the time and if the first sentence of their paper is factually incorrect, I take a very dim view of the paper and they tend to get a bad grade! I certainly have little reason to trust other “facts” they may present later in the paper.

  • Kevin In GR

    Good catch! I thought maybe you could read it as “incoming recruit” to Beilein’s system/team, but you can’t really do that. You are right….It does make you wonder about other “facts” in the article being true or not.

  • Guys Lacy just sent me an email, he’s getting the “incoming recruit” part of the article fixed. An editor or someone put it in by accident I guess. Someone must have got confused because the article is about recruiting put Peedi wasn’t a recruit.

  • Al Horford

    excellent point

  • Benjamin

    Did you contact Lacy about the error or did he contact you?

  • He emailed me about it.