Scott Martin Leaving Purdue

Dylan Burkhardt

This one would seem like a long shot because of Big Ten conference transfer rules but Scott Martin is leaving Purdue.

“I truly valued my time here at Purdue,” Martin said in a statement. “I made many great friendships and met a lot of great people. I am thankful to the coaching staff and my teammates for the opportunity they have given me.”

“I feel it is my best interest to take a different route for my basketball career,” he added.

Interesting because Purdue is building a great young team down there. Michigan recruited Scott hard but eventually it didn’t work out (similar to LLP) when Michigan ran out of scholarships. Martin’s girlfriend goes to Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. Martin shot down rumors that he was transferring to Valpo in early March but I would still think they are the favorite.

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  • Andrew

    Hmm. This is interesting. I don’t know if he has any interest in us, but he would fit into Beilein’s system. I doubt he’ll end up at Michigan. How many guys transfer to another school in the conference?

  • a2matt

    What position is he?
    I remember when we played Purdue, I heard at least ten times per game about how Martin and Hummel were teammates in high school. I guess not close buddies, though.

  • He’s a 4, a skilled 4 probably .Could play some wing.

  • Maybe his family is loaded. Haha. Martin was one of my favorite 07 recruits though… Funny that both him and LLP both ended up transferring.

  • old fan

    Martin maybe pissed that the player with worse skill got the most pub. Hummel was great during the State game but I think that a mature Martin is every bit as good or better.

    He won’t come to Michigan though. His departure is another blow to the conference, though. If this is good or bad to Michigan remains to be seen. I would say bad if he transfers out of conference. However the conference will be wide open.

  • The Oracle

    Martin leaving the Purdue isn’t going to send shock waves through the whole league. Purdue will be fine without him. He’s a nice player. Nothing more.

  • old fan: He’ll transfer out of conference so he doesn’t have to pay his own way.

  • old fan

    I think that this is bigger than we might think at first glance. This one event won’t send shock waves through the whole conference, but it definitely sends a message that Purdue isn’t the perfect place that it seemed to be. That 2007 recruiting class was the basis of a dominant team in a few years, especially since they aren’t the pro style players that would leave early.

    The conference needs another power house. Purdue could have filled that void and might still. However there have been 6 or 7 departures in three years (Lutz, Minnoy, Martin, the tall skinny guy (Uchendu), Vandervieren the tall Minnesotan, the guy with dwi (I think Spates), etc…). That doesn’t happen at elite programs. They have more than 50 % attrition in Painter’s recruiting classes. That has to catch up with the team eventually. They will still be good but they don’t look to be the team to fill the power vacuum in the Big Ten.

  • David

    Scott Martin MIGHT have started for Purdue in a couple of years. I think that’s the reason. He wanted to be a starter. The big factor was probably Keaton Grant emerging as a legitimate go-to player. But I think if Martin stayed and progressed, he definately could have been a consistent starter in his third year.

  • David

    I mean his fourth year. After Grant and Kramer graduate.