Latest on Ekpe Udoh

Dylan Burkhardt

Don’t expect to hear anything tonight. Which is good news. Internet rumors are nothing more than that but help pass the time. I haven’t heard anything that concrete, but it’s probably a good thing that nothing happened tonight. You would think if Ekpe were sold on transferring he would have made it official today.

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  • UMbballDC

    Thanks for the updates!

  • Yea, hard to be very concrete with everything so unstable. Just trying to pass a long what I hear.

  • a2matt

    I cant wait to get this over with!!!

    I hope we dont lose the guy with the best name since Amado Ba

  • Amadou* ;-)

  • a2matt

    Yeah, I figured Id be off on the first name.

  • a2matt

    The dont read it…

    You wont be missed.

  • hat

    Yes, thanks a ton for all the updates . . . let’s hope for the best with Epke. Personally, I thought his offensive game made strides as the year went on. If he does stay, I think we’ll see more double-digit point totals from him next year.