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Dylan Burkhardt

Eric Lacy from the Detroit News is reporting that Ekpe is still in school. That’s nothing ground breaking, even if he was transferring he would probably finish up his exams the next couple weeks.

“Right now, he’s in school,” Alice Udoh, the player’s mother, told The Detroit News on Wednesday. “He’s still there.”

Alice Udoh spoke with her son Tuesday, but wouldn’t disclose details of their conversation.

However the quote doesn’t do much to put an end to the rumors out there. The situation hasn’t been resolved yet I would imagine but it’s clearly a pretty real issue right now. Hopefully Beilein can straighten the situation out because I still think this would be a huge blow. This might be some of the rationale for the transfer:

“I know Ekpe has lofty goals; he wants to play in the (NBA),” Hardaker said. “He always tries to figure out what’s best for him and will listen to advice, but not from everyone.”

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  • Benjamin


    I was expecting to read the annual telling of the short-story entitled “I play for Michigan” by Ekpe Udoh today.

    Now I am nervous.

  • Yea, the article definetely gives me a sick feeling in my stomach.

    I’m working on a couple more “Report Card” features but going to wait for this Ekpe situation to play out.

  • UMbballDC

    I love Ekpe. I really hope he stays. We are a better team with him than without him.

    But if Ekpe was the type of player where losing him would set our whole team back a couple years, we would not have won just 10 games this year.

    In basketball you only need a few outstanding players of that caliber to be a great team (see this year’s versus last year’s Celtics, or this year’s versus last year’s Ohio State).

    Losing him will hurt us, but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think it will have that great an impact. I would revise my prediction of 17 wins next year to 15.

    I like that he has NBA dreams, but it doesn’t matter where he would transfer, he has no shot at being an NBA player of any significance. All but a handful of the guys on Memphis and Kansas have any real shot of being productive NBA players. There are just too few NBA teams and players. As of right now, he does not dominate inside (despite his shot blocking ability), has virtually no outside shot (yes I remember that one three pointer he made late in the year), and cannot handle the ball. So what exactly does he bring to an NBA team?

  • Just a few notes.

    Ekpe was 6/16 from three this year.

    Ekpe is not a lock for the NBA or anything but saying he has no chance is kind of crazy. He definitely needs to become a dominant rebounder along with shot blocker though and keep working on his offensive game.

  • hoosierine

    I actually agree the Epke does have NBA potential. It’s too bad we needed him so desperately when he first got here. This is a guy who could have used a redshirt. He has a lot of physical things going for him, he’s just a bit rough around the edges. I do see potential for developing a solid jumper. I do see ball handling potential. I imagine JB will hate to see Epke go because guys lke that are the guys coaches love to get there hands on.

    Like, for instance, Petway. How many coaches would have loved to have him? And how sad is it that a world class athlete like that ends up in Amaker’s hands, only to not improve in one facet of the game over a painful 4 years.

  • Petway, Ekpe, Graham Brown all these guys would have RSed if Michigan had more bigs on the roster at the time. Look at MSU,they RS almost every big man they get. A red shirt is perfect for a big guy to build strength and get acquainted with the college game.

  • UMbballDC

    I hate to have to argue this point, because I love Ekpe, but come on. Has it really been that long since we as Michigan fans have watched guys with real NBA potential play in the paint. Ekpe would have backed up Eric Riley on the first Fab Five team and rarely saw the court.

    Juwan Howard’s second year (a guy with real NBA potential)
    31.5 min, .506 FG%, 7.4 RB per game, 267 total RB, 524 total points, 14.6 points per game, .70 FT%, with a 160 free throw attempts.

    Ekpe Udoh
    26.1 min, .433 PG%, 5 RB per game, 155 total, 186 total points, 6 points per game, .59 FT%, with just 54 attempts.

    You may laugh and say you can’t compare him to Howard, but that is exactly what we are talking about, NBA potential. So you must compare him to guys like Howard, because NBA teams will be comparing Udoh to all the other guys in college ball like Howard. He has the same NBA potential as almost every guy in college. “If he gets a lot bigger, stronger, faster, and improves his shooting he will be a top pick.” That’s a lot of ifs.

  • No he’s not Juwan Howard. There’s no denying that or trying to argue that. Juwan was the 5th overall pick. Ekpe is not a lottery pick, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t develop into a 2nd round pick. I think you can realize that a lottery pick is a different matter than just NBA potential in general.

  • UMbballDC

    True enough, Dylan. I agree with that. I wish him the best no matter if he stays or goes. I hope he stays, of course! I think we can compete for a B10 title in a couple years with our current guys getting better.

  • cwood

    while I agree udoh isnt exactly a high prospect, the rating system is differant for big men. NBA teams will give a chance to anyone with size. Hell, courtney simms made the opening day roster of the pacers and actually played in a few games. So his dream of the nba isnt as far fecthed as some on the board believe.

  • sefon

    you guys are funny
    ahaha look im related to him