Monday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Dick Vitale consulted about UDM coach
    WDFN reported that Soderberg got the offer. We will see if he accepts, would be a sigh of relief for UM fans if he did.
  • Assistants line up for chance at UT
    However Jackson’s name is being mentioned at Toledo. I wouldn’t think he would be near the top of the list but who knows.
  • Vintage Detroit
    Good piece on CDR. Things were not going to work out for him instate but he really turned it around and got himself together at Memphis. I’ll be rooting for CDR in the title game tonight.
  • Got a couple email questions about transfers in or out of the program. I have not heard anything about transfers in or out but I will try to pass a long whatever I hear when I get it.
  • AAU season is just starting up so the 09 recruiting news will probably be a little more plentiful as we move into the summer months. I’ll try to update the hot board soon as well.

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  • Ky Fox

    Cdr is just flat out sick with it!! He’s AWESOME! wish UM couldve grabbed him! Maybe Manny could be our version!!

  • Mason

    Jackson won’t be the HC here at Toledo. My sources (one of whom is on the basketball team, another who is, well, the Toledo Blade :) ) says its gonna be Buzz Peterson.

  • Buzz Peterson has withdrawn his name from consideration for the University of Toledo men’s basketball coaching opening after talks between him and the school broke down.


    Doesn’t mention Jack. But Soderberg is one of the top candidates for the U-D job as well. We’ll see.

  • Mason


    Boy is my face red. :) I don’t want either of those guys. I was hoping for Braun, then Peterson. Dang.

  • Soderberg is the lead candidate at U-D. Hopefully he takes that job for Michigan and Toledo’s sake eh?

    Anyways, Eddie Hightower is clearly making his presence felt early in San Antonio. some quick fouls on Memphis and now a patented Eddie Hightower traveling call. Gotta love it.

  • Well, thats basketball folks. Maybe someday it’ll be played in Ann Arbor.

  • Mason
  • Bluebufoon

    With the rumors of Ekpe Udoh transferring
    any chance U-M offers D. Curletti, from OLSM, who has committed to Northwestern ??

  • a2matt

    Curletti is a 09 guard. Im not sure how he would help us.

  • Curletti is an 08 big man (6’8) from OLSM. I don’t know how much of the void he would fill that Ekpe would leave though… He would have been a great walk on but he’s not worth a scholarship now just because NW offered him.

  • Bluebufoon

    If Udoh leaves we need another post player for next season. Now I don’t know if thats Curletti
    but we need someone.

    Can the freshman walk-on Eric Puhls play ??

  • Puls is not gonna play any time soon. Kid is a stick, and not really a high-major D1 prospect.