K'Len Morris to Grand Valley State

Dylan Burkhardt

K’Len Morris is headed to the GLIAC to play for Grand Valley St. This MLive GLIAC forum post is the best online source I have but from what I have heard this will be finished up officially very soon. Best of luck to K’Len and hopefully he lands on his feet and can have a good career at Grand Valley State.

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  • Benjamin

    Go Lakers! ;)

  • Brick

    I didn’t know Grand Valley State was that much closer to Tennessee than Ann Arbor.

  • Benjamin

    @Brick – What? Huh?

  • I think Brick is referring to K’Len talking about wanting to move closer to his dad who got relocated in Tennessee. However I think this was just the best situation for K’Len and wish him luck.

  • Brick

    Exactly. I really didn’t understand this situation. If he didn’t want to leave to be with his family, he must have been forced out. To make a decision to leave when he did makes no sense. He was getting decent minutes with a chance for more and he should have been a good fit for the system seeing as Beilein recruited him in HS. Also, I can see leaving when the season is over but halfway through makes no sense since you don’t get any more eligibility and playing the rest of the year can only make you better.

    That said, I also wish him well. But it does say something about what JB had to work with if the best he can do is GVSU.

  • He wanted and planned to enroll somewhere else (somewhere out West?) if I recall but it fell through and he was stuck I think. Going to GVSU, he can play right away if I am not mistaken so there is no need to switch in the middle of the season and he could finish out the semester at Michigan. Not sure though.

  • Brick

    Why didn’t he just play out the season? It wasn’t like a Price situation where he’s just done with bball altogether. I thought he was coming around and that JB could have made a player out of him.

  • If the best he can do is GVSU? yeah their D2 but their the #4 Athletic Program in the country D1 D2 or D3 see here,


    5 time Consecutive directors cup winner for D2 – they hold the state of Michigan record for longest men’s basketball winning streak and not too mention countless other awards…

    K’len made a good choice with GVSU.