2008 North/South Indiana All-Star Classic

Dylan Burkhardt

Stuart Douglass and Zack Novak will join an elite group of Indiana senior basketball players at the 2008 North/South Indiana All-Star Classic on March 30 at Vincennes University. The doubleheader will feature the girls’ game at 2 p.m. and the boys’ game at 4 p.m. at VU’s P.E. Complex.

Tickets cost $8 each and are available by calling the VU Alumni Office, (812) 888-4354 or (800) 945-2586. Tickets may also be purchased by email at events@vinu.edu.

The games will be broadcast by WVUT-TV 22 and WVUB 91.1 FM, and streamed on VU’s Web site: www.vinu.edu

The North/South Indiana All-Star Classic is sponsored by Vincennes University, Hoosier Basketball Magazine and Pacesetter Sports of Terre Haute. The games are directed by Harry Meeks, women’s basketball coach at VU. Information is available at www.hoosierbasketballmagazine.com.

If anyone is planning on attending or if anyone gets WVUT-TV  shoot me an email here. Thanks and good luck to both Stu Douglass and Zack Novak.

  • hat

    WTF is wrong with our women’s team? They have a remarkable ability to dominate a team, only to completely gag in the last 5 minutes. We led MSU ALL GAME LONG, but could not get the one or two baskets we needed to ice it, and it went into OT. Now there’s 45 seconds left in OT and we haven’t scored a single point. Choke artists.

  • SH

    Zack and Stu’s team won 126 to 112.
    Zack had 18 pts.
    I’m not sure how many Stu had but maybe around 7

  • Kevin in GR

    I was able to listen to some of the game (2nd half) and I’m usually not critical of announcers, but those guys were not very good! You had no idea most of the time who was doing what! I did hear them say some good things about Zack….Sounds as though it was a 3 point shooting contest where a basketball game broke out :)

  • Brick

    Those announcers stunk. They kept saying, “He drives to the basket and he shoots and scores.” They didn’t know anyone’s name so you never even knew who was on the court.

    They did have nice things to say about Zach though. Can’t wait to see him play next year.