Introducing Jake Cohen

Dylan Burkhardt

Jake CohenA new 09 name has popped up on the radar. 6-10 big man Jake Cohen from Pennsylvania lists Michigan along with Penn State, Northwestern, Penn and others.

Penn reported that Cohen was offered by PSU on 3/10 after Penn State’s upset of the Hoosiers. They also provided this scouting report:

Cohen is a slim big who nonetheless is adept at posting and scoring but also has the ability to step out and shoot to 16 feet. He is an intelligent passer, already adept at kicking out from double teams and feeding from the high post. But his slim build and lack of strength are issues that must be addressed.

Cohen was named honorable-mention All Southeastern PA this year (his junior year), which isn’t all that impressive in itself but there are some ballers on that team Tyreke Evans, Maalik Wayns, Dalton Pepper are just a couple. Rivals posted this premium article today on Cohen and his plans for his recruitment. For you rankings people there are a few Cohen mentions in these PA rankings (thanks to BL).

Cohen definetely seems like one to watch but I think Andy Brown has the be number 1a on the board right now. It is clear that our main focus for recruiting in 09 at this point is getting a point guard and a skilled big to go along with Morgan.

A couple more recruiting notes. Congrats to Stuart Douglass for being named to the all-MIC team. And also congrats to Novak for being named the 2nd best senior in Indiana according to the IBCA.

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  • Brick

    I don’t know why most UM fans are not a little more excited about getting Novak. He is rated quite a bit higher than Douglass and seems to find the basket in more ways. I think Zach is going to get some major minutes next year and I think he’ll surprise a few people.

    I hope we get Brown for ’09 but it’s nice to see some other big men popping up on the radar.

  • Giddings

    Pretty simple… excitement level over a certain recruit is directly related to two main things:

    1) # of stars on Scout(2) and Rivals(3)
    2) Offers held from other schools (ummm… anyone?)

    Personally, I think all the news about Indiana coaches and media choosing him to all these All-Star teams (and in this case, 2nd best in the state behind only Tyler Zeller) is more relevant than the ratings on the recruiting sites. He may not be the best athlete, he may not be the BEST shooter (great form and CAN shoot but doesn’t seem to be a “sharpshooter” like Stu), but he just seems like an all-around good basketball player with a ton of heart and a will to win.

  • a2matt

    Maybe he will be basketballs version of Mike Hart. Low ranked, comes in quietly, then explodes onto the scene and gets the most out of what he has.

  • SH
  • SH
  • BL

    That second article was a great read…gotta love a kid that can shoot and doesn’t sound like he’s “above” others. I can imagine what some of the kids playing in the mcd’s game the other night if they were asked to shoot against a girl.
    Zack and Stu are going to give this team a new look.

  • mikey

    Novack sounds like he will be sweet. Michigan’s version of Alexander for WV. I’m pumped for this kid. I think the whole class will do well.

  • a2matt

    I think there is a strong chance that if Novak gets things done in the preseason, he could start.

  • Ky Fox

    well i think JB is going to have to start one of the shooters he got! He’s just going to have to I believe! Wether its Novak or Douglass we shall find out! I could see even Novak playing a lot at the 2! Because you have to believe that Manny is going to eat up a lot of the minutes at the 3! But then Novak still could play a lot at the 3 spelling Manny at times while stu and Lavell, share the load at the 2! Grady and a little bit of Lee at the 1 spot! One thing i think we can expect from Novak is a SERIOUS competitive spirit…possesing that personal pride that you have to possess if your going to be a great player! That is something that we need on our team just as importantley as talent…. is that guy that gets the team together in crunch time and tells everyone to start busting theryre ass! We are missing that rite now! Someone to inject an attitude to this team! And i think Novak could be that!

  • SH

    For anyone interested-you should be able to listen to Stu and Zack’s North/South All-Star game online today.