Ebuka Back on the Board

Dylan Burkhardt

Well this is why we follow recruiting right. Ebuka decommitted from Colorado just a few days after he committed. I don’t know how much of a shot Michigan has in this one but I can certainly feel Colorado’s pain after Legion, Beverley, Horford and Crawford. I would expect Texas A&M and the instate schools to be the major players for Ebuka, but I thought they would be before and he verballed to Colorado. I also have not heard anything on the Watts front either after Beilein’s planned visit to North Carolina.

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  • blueblitz

    When will Michigan matter in basketball again?

  • ky fox

    we need a good season next year! When UM starts winning the games they should and winning some big games(goergetown, butler, acc teams) and players start to see beileins style and how high profile/athletic recruits can thrive in a program like beileins….thats when you will see UM turn the corner! We need to get to one of the tournements next season! And I believe we will.

  • petey ballgame

    How many wins are we predicting next year? 15?

  • a2matt

    I read an article last year about Horford, and he never committed to UM. He said it was a common misconception.
    Anywho, everytime I see Scootie Reynolds, Drew Lavendar, Beverly, Joe Crawford, Hariston, etc. etc. play, I think of what could have been.

  • ky fox

    id say that would be an acurate assumtion! 15 wins! Give or take a couple. If we can snag a couple of big wins at home than you never know!! I mean that would only be 5 more wins from a season ago! And given beileins report card…it shows that he is considerably better in his second seasons. Im not saying its going to happend w/o a doubt but i will give him the benefit of the doubt! Especially if we win the games we are supposed to/or should win(western kentucky, central mich, harvard, northwestern, even boston college, and just protect crisler!) I think its very realistic!

  • Steve

    I’d go with 16-18. Depends on a lot of things.

    easier schedule+ better team+ beilein= on the bubble?

    we can only hope!

  • Benjamin

    Webber retired . Thoughts?

  • ky fox

    yeah that sounds about rite…15 to 18! I wont be dissappointed if its a bit less than that…i just want to see considerable improvements! Which we will.
    webber i feel will just retire and keep to himself! One guy that kind of intrigues me…a guy that could really help our big guys is tom mccormick!!

  • Horford did committ, he might say he never did to save face, but he did.

  • Al Horford

    I didn’t commit arghhh!!!

  • BL

    Looks like Beilein is still looking for true bigs for ’09. Jake Cohen is a new option.

  • BL


  • BL
  • a2matt

    He can shoot the three!!!!!!!!

    Darius Morris or Andy Brown/Jake Cohen

  • Ky fox

    who is cohen?? Is he a forward?? What kind of game does he bring to the table??

  • a2matt

    Look at the link from BL.

  • BL

    He was somewhat highly ranked just a year ago…i dont think he played aau ball last year which may be the reason hes not getting evaluated by recruting sites as much…i believe he is a baseball player also which would explain the absence from aau…..has a Penn St offer fwiw.

  • BL
  • Hey guys about Horford… He committed.

    rivals article
    “Al Horford has committed to Michigan,” Michigan Mustangs AAU coach Norm Oden confirmed for The Wolverine on Tuesday afternoon. Horford (right), a 6-8 power forward/center from Grand Ledge (Mich.) High School, is ranked No. 89 in the Class of 2004 by Rivals.com.”

  • Ky Fox

    I dont know about cohen guys! I know brown is way out west but i think we would be better off with brown! I mean jb is already going out there for darius so kill 2 birds with 1 stone and grab brown while yer out there! We need somone inbetween! Meaning a small/power forward…versitale type player! Cohen looks to me like another long project! Plus we will have cronin, udoh, gibson, and morgan in a couple years! So it seems to me like we will be set at the 1 thru 3 as well as the 5! We need some spark at the 3.5/4 position. Andy brown i beleive satisfies that!