Cassity to SLU

Dylan Burkhardt

Cassity is off the board, that leaves one more target for 2008. We’ll see how the Justin Watts recruitment plays out then it is on to 2009.

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  • Justin

    Any chance we land one of the two guys (Ebanks or Holloway) who are asking for their release from Indiana?

  • matt

    Bank for 09, bring the Cali Boys here.

    BTW, how did you do last night picks wise Dylan?

  • USC killed me, had them knocking off Wisco.

    Also got Kent State wrong but was good on most of the rest. USC decided rebounding wasn’t something they wanted to do. You?

  • matt

    I got 12 of 16. I also had USC in the Sweet 16, and I also got ND/GM, BYU/A&M, Prudue/Baylor all wrong.

  • Giddings

    At least you guys didn’t have USC in the Elite 8… oops.

  • Marco

    Whats the chances of them picking up watts? Have we offered him?

  • Pretty sure we have NOT offered Watts yet. Give it a little time and we will probably find out more.

  • Ky fox

    i actually got usc/ksu rite! I just figured the tandem of beasley and walker would be too much! But ksu’s bench came up huge!
    vandy hurt me, and so did uconn…I had uconn going sweet 16! Oh well!
    watts looks good! But i just dont know if we really need another wing. If we do in fact go with one tho i would like it to be someone of watts ability! Who looks like the leading canidates to get watts Dylan??

  • As mentioned at the start of this post, Kyle Cassity verbally committed to St. Louis University. Not only did he turn down an offer from U of M, he also had offers from several other D-1 schools.

    In my opinion, Cassity chose the best D-1 offer he had closest to his home. He comes from a small town and wanted to have his family and friends be able to see a lot of his college games.