Novak, Douglass make All-Indiana North; Ebuka officially off the board

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Anyaorah Commits To Big 12 School ($)
    Posted that this was looking very likely but now it’s official. Two remain: Watts and Cassity.
  • Rosters chosen for Indiana North-South All-Star Classic
    Congrats to Stu and Zack for making this team. The game is March 30th at Vincennes University at 4pm.
  • No. 1 recruit Terrelle Pryor picks Ohio State
    If you live under a rock and didn’t hear, Pryor is going to the “University of Ohio State” as expected.
  • It’s another March without Michigan but here are my first round upset picks: Western Kentucky, Davidson, St Joes, St Marys, and Siena! Cal State Fullerton is an interesting team because they have almost-Wolverine Marcus Crenshaw (damn JUCO admissions) and almost-offered Josh Akognon on their roster, I’ll certainly be watching that one.
  • BL

    For the most part I agree with the upsets that you mentioned…i really like vandy tho so i disagree on siena.
    For some reason im giving baylor a good shot at purdue…rooting for the B11 but baylor seems sneaky and purdue is young.We shall see…its why the tourny is the best.

  • matt

    My upsets:
    1st Round
    George Mason
    St Joe’s
    St. Mary’s
    2nd Round
    St. Joe’s
    Sweet 16
    Elite Eight

    Final Four
    Tenn, Kansas, Texas, and UCLA

    Kansas over UCLA, 79-72

  • Benjamin

    BL, I picked Baylor over Purdue as well.

    The Boilermakers have been playing some rather uninspiring ball as of late. They were flat against OSU, Michigan, and bombed in the big ten tourney.

  • BL

    I’m glad to hear that UM is still at least in contact with watts. I have said all along that he is my #1 late ’08 player. Still would love to get him, move on to ’09 and find a way to still get The Cali Boys.

  • The Oracle

    I think I’d rather have Cassity than Watts.

  • Watts has the athleticism but it seems like Cassity has every other aspect. Rivals put up some Watts video that is less than impressive IMO. Again it could have just been an off game.

  • BL

    Well….I was wrong about Purdue…I’m beginning to think that those kids are just winners….matchups don’t matter much.

    Watts just seems to be that power guard/wing that I favor. Cassity is intriguing because he could be a big lead guard causing some matchup issues..

  • TP

    tUoOS doesn’t know what they’re getting into.

  • T.G. Vent

    I find it amazing that this Staff would put this trash video out there today on Watts. They really demonstrated that they could NOT make a balanced highlight tape.. In this GSK Tournment, Watts was identified as All tournament along with 4 other top players in the nation. One of the players signed with UNC, and for that game which was against Taft Highschool who was (#1) in the COUNTRY at the time, Watts scored 26 points. It seems that is purposely trashing this kid for some reason. It is amazing that show most of their kids as favorable whereas this site is showing only the negative aspects of their kids..They need to Keep it balanced!! I am so sick of reading all the negative crap on these kids being recruited by Michigan.. For this trash video, how can this kid score 26 points in that specific game and the video highlight show a measly 6 points made…and to top it off he was ‘all tournament’. Amazing.. we have to begin to question our media publishing this information.. They should be FIRED. Frankly, this staff should be trashed and not allowed to write anymore articles’. Honestly they need to take heed to the mercy from God as they are trashing these kids. AND NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THEM SHALL PROSPER.. Remember God does not like ugly. This is AMAZING… If I were Cassity and Watts, I would not come near this place.. Why come to a place where the Staff of are against them.
    Also I know for a fact this is why Ebuka did not come near this place. This Staff was always looking to dig up mess. This site is frankly pitiful and I am done with my venting.

  • Ky fox

    i think i would like neither! Lets check out the team next year and see what our demanding needs are and recruit accordingly! I would hate to see us just grab watts or whoever just to add depth! We have 4 new solid guys coming in who are going to contribute! Lets leave it at that!

  • The Oracle

    Get a clue TG. The Wolverine staff did not put the video together. It was done by other Rivals people and the reason they did it is because they wanted to show the good and bad. What good does it do to show only the highlights, so you can have have an inflated opinion of the guy?

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