Jerry Dunn Among Finalists for James Madison Job

Dylan Burkhardt

The New York Daily News is reporting that Jerry Dunn is one of the finalists for the James Madison head coaching job.

Former St. John’s coach Mike Jarvis, Marist coach Matt Brady and Michgian assistant Jerry Dunn, formerly the head coach at Penn State, are apparently the three finalists for the James Madison job.

Dunn has been reported to be looking for a head coaching job since before he was brought on board at Michigan and this move wouldn’t be very surprising. However this mixed with the rumors of Mike Jackson’s possibility of getting the UofD job are certainly worrisome. It would be hard to lose two assistants in one year I would assume. Of course the sexy names for a new assistant are people like Saginaw’s Lou Dawkins who almost got a spot on Tubby’s bench last year and Jalen Rose (don’t see this ever happening). Another name that would be worth paying attention to is Oronde Taliaferro from Arkansas. I would guess that Brian Townsend might get a shot to move up the ladder from Director of Basketball operations to an assistant coaching spot.

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  • Ky Fox

    Hmmmm! interesting, to say the least. Well you would have to imagine they would/should take someone with ties to the detroit area right?? Even though it doesnt seem like Beilein is hitting detroit hard right now doesnt mean down the road some players will come thru that will really fit his type of play! or guys that you just cant pass up!! Players are going to want a friendly/familiar face on the bench. Saginaw produces some really good talent as well tho!

  • Ky Fox

    Jalen would be pretty cool tho you have to admit! Imagine the publicity, and hype UM would get if he was on the sidelines! Even tho JB isnt big into getting High Profile(mcdonalds all american)type players, Rose would definitley help lure them in! I think it would be a positive way to show UM is turned over a new era! As well as showing everyone that we have GOOD Tradition, and are putting it to good use. It would also help in building a positive bridge from the dark shadows of the program into the light of the new and restored program!!

  • old fan

    Jalen would be too good. I can’t see it actually happening. Things like this don’t seem to happen because I would be too happy.

  • Benjamin

    It has been my experience, that while most die-hard Michigan athletic fans (ie us) are ready for the Fab Five healing process to begin it seems like a lot of older alum are set against it. This would put the school in an awkward position.

    But, Yes, I agree- Jalen on the recruiting trail would be great. With his Detroit ties, his profile, and his attitude, Michigan would have top recruiting classes.

  • josh

    well the alumni need to realize that only Webber was caught for accepting money. Jalen shouldnt be disciplined or held responsible for what his teammate did. Jalen would be a great pick up.

  • Benjamin

    I would love it- but don’t see it happening.

    I say bring back Jimmy and Jalen.

  • ky fox

    Good stuff! Yes jalen was apart of the fiasco that happened 15 years ago, but if he still has love and a passion for UM and coaching why should people around here reject him?? Its not like he’s running away and hiding anymore. I think he wwants to show UM and everyone that he’s a good guy and he wants to help in the process of returning MICHIGAN basketball back to greatness! And yes it probably is too good to be true….but you never know!
    The guy from saginaw would be solid to! A ton of athletes and good ball players come out of there, so that could potenialy be a good connection. But i still feel we can not turn our backs on dertoit! Its right in our back yard!

  • Andrew

    Jalen coaching would be too good to be true. Taliaferro was a great recruiter for Stan Heath at Arkansas and he could really help out in the Detroit area. I really hope they hire someone with strong recruiting ties instate. We seem to be doing a fine job with out of state recruiting, but whether we get the top instate recruits is going to determine if we are a Big 10 title challenger in the future.

  • Ky Fox

    Taliaferro makes too much sense!! Gates would have never left for Kent State if it wasnt for Taliaferro!! I dont know…we shall see!!

  • old fan

    I think that new assistants would actually be a big bonus and the turnover will not be a problem. The Saginaw connection would be worth the spot for the recruiting alone. Beilien doesn’t need help with technique and coaching. He needs in roads to the state talent. Dunn brings very little in my opinion. We need to keep half of the top talent here and this will be plenty of talent with the new system.

    Cuonzo Martin for Purdue competing with Jalen Rose for Michigan in recruiting. I would pay to sit in a living room to hear the two of them.

  • Ky Fox

    I agree with Ole Fan! I dont think jerry brings much to the table as far as in-state recruiting. The two pitches we need to have as a driving force at UM, to bring in top level players, as well as to take this program to the next level are 1- Beilein will develop you in to an all around/versitale ball player, and 2- We have assistants that have either played for UM or posess knowledge of the area…primarily Detroit. And just a guy these local players want to play for. You have to remember that when a kid decides to go play for a program/coach its not always 100% about one coach, the assistants have a big pull on players as well!!
    I agree that we do not particulary need to have a detroit native laden team, but we can also not let top Detroit area recruits that seem to get better in other programs(memphis, IU, Purdue..ect..) slip away, why cant they get better at UM under Beilein!?

  • Ky Fox

    One big thing, is top level players want to go to a known program!! a program that has a winning tradition. So it would be in our/Beileins best interest to maybe take the amount of wins we had this year and possibly/hopefully double that for next year!! That will help get the attention of more top level ball players. Not at all taking anything away from Novak, douglass, or cronin’s game. They will all help in the resurrection of the program!

  • Jackson is the in-state recruiter. And he brings a lot.

    Dunn is more of a gameplan guy and not on the staff for his recruiting first.

    Mahoney has been doing a very good job recruiting, he has been on a lot of these kids if I am not mistaken.

  • Ky Fox

    So whats the possibilities of both of these guys leavin then?? Because if Jackson leaves as well then we will definitley need to bring someone in who has in-state relationships right??

  • Ky Fox

    Dylan, Do you know when the 08,09′ scheduel comes out??

  • If Mike Jack gets the U-D job then we need to hire someone with in state ties.

    In terms of next years schedule I am not sure when it comes out.

    Teams that will be there: UCLA (Away) Harvard (Home) Duke (Home) Big Ten/ACC Challenge (Away). I think we are playing in one of the preseason tourneys too. 2k? One of the ones with home games first.

  • Mason

    Harvard, eh? Do you think we’ll cheer, boo, or remain indifferent towards Amaker?

  • Giddings

    I’ll be cheering… not sure about other people though. If you are a student, there is no reason why you shouldn’t cheer him considering all he did for the Maize Rage while he was here (getting the bleachers put in, paying for buses to away games, etc).

  • Steve

    we’ll play Oakland… probably at the Palace

  • Mason

    I too will be cheering. I’m not a student but i’ll stand and applaud.

  • hat

    I have to say that frankly, I wouldn’t be that sad to see Dunn replaced. Not that I dislike him or anything, but he seemed like a rather “blah” hire a year ago. At PSU, he didn’t recruit well and didn’t strike me as all that great of a bench coach.

    Jackson would be another story. I’d really prefer to hang onto him.