Cassity Rumors

Dylan Burkhardt

The rumors on the SalukiTalk Message boards say that Cassity is visiting SIU right now but St. Louis may be the favorite. MSNSaluki says:

Actually, Cassity is on campus today with his parents (Mary and Joseph?). He will attend practice and go out to dinner with Lowrey and some of the players. SIU likes its chances but I’m still hearing he’s SLU bound.

Got to love the rumor mill. Then again not much else we can talk about now that we are sitting at home for another March.

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  • Jimmy

    I’d take Cassidy, but he seems like a Douglass clone. I’d much rather get Ebuka (won’t even attempt his last name) or Justin Watts with the last scholarship in 08…or save it.

  • FWIW Cassity seems a little different than Douglass to me. More of a passer and a big point guard than a pure shooter. An all around player that we could certainly use but is probably too thin still.

  • matt

    Im hoping for a Klay Thompson decommit. We finished 2nd for him, I think.

  • Klay would be a dream come true. Don’t really see that happening unless Bennett goes to IU or something but who knows.

  • Bluebufoon

    Now you’re talking, Klay Thompson would be the ideal final piece to this class.

  • BL

    I have never really been that high on Cassity for some reason…and I think his game is vastly different than any of our current recruit/committs. I would like to see a 3 person class in 09 ….however Thompson would be a good get if he opens up.

    I think that Bennett would JUMP on the Indiana job if hes strongly considered. And he should be.

  • who is the genius behind this new tour de force, um hoops?

  • Brick

    Cassity sounds like a decent player but we really need to save this scholarship for next year. A class of Morgan, Morris and Brown would be nice. I’d hate to have to stop recruiting Morris or Brown because of a Cassity commit.

    If Brown looks elsewhere we still have plenty of 09 talent in Michigan to go after also.

    I really thought we were done after Novak committed. I’m surprised Cassity received and offer.

  • I really think Beilein realizes that this team really needs help and now. We can’t have another miserable year next year. Because just like Delvon Roe it is near impossible to recruit a kid who sees you get blown out on national TV night in and night out.

    I think we will keep recruiting Brown and Morris and just have to make room somehow. That’s business. We’ll see.

  • ky fox

    we got our shooters! Now we could use a little athletesicsm! I would NOT want to see a cassity comittment. Not saying the kid isnt any good, its just I dont think we need anymore shooter/thinking man gaurd, type players! Like ive said…you have to have balance! Veratility! To be a strong ballclub! I dont understand why we feel so confident about d morris if some people think its going to be difficult to get andy brown out of the west! They are both from the same area, and um is the only 1 whos showed interest in brown! We need to go after either
    1. Andy brown
    2.jamil wilson
    3.or any other athletic/very versatile, small forward!

  • I don’t think there is anyway that Michigan does NOT take a strong point guard in the 09 class. They simply need one.

    I think that Cassity is different than Novak and Stu in the sense that he is a distributor and a guy who could really make the offense click. How many backdoor passes and opportunities do we miss? Beilein likes big guards and Cassity fits the bill.

  • I also think Cassity can play the 1-2-3. If thats not versatile I don’t know what is.

  • ky fox

    rite but when you say we need help now(like next year) and we take another slightly unathletic player in this class…I just think its going to take a player like cassity some time to adjust to defenders like kalin lucas, everyone from purdue, turner and everyone from osu! Can he handle pressure like that?? And on top of that we already have grady, perry, douglass, novak, and even manny to an extent who do most of the ball handling! And those guys will only get better/stronger with the ball. I think where we need a little more fire power is in the small/power forward position. Cus as of right now we have wright who will come in for sims! I just think if we could save the scholly and go after someone who is a little more of a inside/outside threat with a little athletesicsm sprinkled in there, it would behoove us a great deal! Or even a little more of an athletic wing would be just as good! I just feel like cassity would be somewhat of a project, and not an instant injection of versatility/athletic ability!

  • Ky fox

    i understand that jb extracts the most out of his recruits..but at the same time we have to understand that we play in the big ten!! We need a little bit of athletesiscm sprinkled into our program! Andy brown would do just fine for me! Ive watched a clip of him in the tourney and he could be our version and better version of joe alexander! Veratile!

  • Just wonderin: I’m the guy in charge, if you need something you can drop me an email:

  • Brick

    I’m with Ky fox. We need a little more size in the rotation. If Cassity replaces Morris as the next PG then it makes a little more sense. We could still go after another big man. Not many people think Cassity is better than Morris and it sounds like we have a really good shot at Morris, so I don’t get why we are offering.

  • matt

    I think Manny will move to 3, then LLP to 2, then Grady to 1. That gives us adequete size.

  • AC

    I agree with what some of the readers are saying about Cassity. At this point I think it would be overkill to add him for next year. Dylan is right in that we need as much help as possible for next season, but I think our roster is pretty full and I don’t think Cassity adds enough that he’s worth taking.

    Grady will be the primary PG with Perry and Lee getting some minutes there. Douglass and Novak will be those guys that other teams hate because they don’t look that good in their uniform but they keep making shots and driving teams crazy. Manny provides the primary scoring. Sims hopefully is the #2 scorer. Udoh, Cronin, and Gibson protect the rim. Not counting Shepherd (since I have no idea what value he adds) that’s a 10-player rotation already.

  • Ky Fox

    Very nice about not looking good in theyre uni’s! It’s true tho. They will be just like ala a.j. Graves, or any of the Korvers!! Where they can just bury shots from the volleyball line!