Season Over

Dylan Burkhardt

Deshawn SimsNot much to say about this one. Didn’t think we would win but didn’t think we would lay an egg light that. 10-50 (20%) shooting is just terrible, not sure how anyone can shoot much worse than that. Not to mention that we made 1 field goal inside the arc in the second half. I didn’t see the game but these numbers are just ugly. Ant Wright had 11 points but I wouldn’t say he had a “good game”. DeShawn and Manny combined for 3-22 shooting and 10 points. One positive I guess is DeShawn’s rebounding, he grabbed 8 boards today and he has definetely made progress on the glass. Jokes about Michigan State’s low point totals this year are no longer allowed and with it being March I would suggest any Michigan fan not make any basketball jokes at all. I’ll post the Novak interview tonight.

Post Game Press Conference (Ron, Peedi and Beilein at the end):

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  • Benjamin (formerly BenAA)


    What are your plans for the off-season?

  • Keep blogging, any kind of info coming out of open gym, recruiting whatever. Probably won’t be updating as often but I think I’ll be able to keep on going. Hopefully Beilein can get something going on the recruiting trail to take away some of our misery.

  • Giddings

    Hopefully you can follow up the Stu/Novak interviews with an Ebuka/Watts/Cassity interview after whichever one commits, and then follow that up with Darius Morris and Andy Brown this summer… ;-)

  • Benjamin (formerly BenAA)

    Michigan basketball team made 10 FGs today.

    Michigan hockey team scored 10 goals today.

    I’m just saying.

  • matt

    You got any repsonse to Mgoblog’s Manny is overrated post? I thought he seemed misinformed, not much of a basketball fan. IMO Manny was one of the main reasons we won 10 games (along with Epke’s post presence and Peddi’s occasional good game).

  • I’m planning on going player by player analysis of each player.

    The way I see Manny is that he was honestly the only player on this team. Yes he took a lot of shots and yes he had a lot of turn overs. No one in their right mind would say that Manny was “efficient” though. He definetely has things to work on but I wouldn’t say he is as bad as Brian’s post leads to believe. He has definetely had his moments and not so good moments. Got to protect that ball.

  • Bluebufoon

    Controversial thoughts but two keys for the short-term future of Michigan basketball is Coach Beilein needs to encourage Anthony Wright and
    Zach Gibson to finish their careers some-where
    else or as team managers. Either way they aren’t goood enough to play big-time college basketball
    at a BCS school, due to their lack of athleticism
    and each players various skill deficiencies.

    Bottom line U-M needs the scholarships and if these players want to play they need to go down a level or two.

  • hat

    Manny’s a very talented player who is currently a true freshman and, like almost everyone else in his class, has some holes in his game. He is not a very good ballhandler, doesn’t always know a good shot from a bad one, and doesn’t finish that well around the basket. He also probably could use some time in the weightroom. But those are all things he can, and probably will, get better at over time. The problem this year was that we absolutely needed Manny to be at his best every game if we were to have a chance. He wasn’t ready to shoulder the load by himself.

  • hat

    Bluebufoon, do you realize that, on a per-minute basis, Gibson outscored and outrebounded Udoh? Should Udoh be booted, too? Gibson needs to bulk up some more, become more physical, and avoid touch fouls, but by the end of this season he had developed into a decent backup center. If he can consistently knock down the three, he could become a real asset.

  • ky fox

    You are very right hat! Manny needs some sort of scoring input around him! He is just about the only threat to score on this team…other than wright, and deshawn, and even they are few and far between! Lets hope Novak, Perry, Douglass, Cronin will all be a pleasant surprise!

  • ky fox

    I think a lot of our players from amakers recruiting that are on this team now(wright, sims, udoh)Seem like they are not real comfortable with the ball in their hands. They are not real adversed in taking the ball and getting to the baskett! We need those guys to be a triple threat to be any good!

  • ky fox

    Lets hope we can land andy brown! He could be our next joe alexander….maybe better!

  • ky fox

    Very good point Bluebufoon! Gibby could really come in and give us some quality bench production! Hes not going to WOW anyone but if he can come in and knock down some key shots, and grab some rebounds, he will be a big help! And we need DEPTH anyways!

  • BL

    It’s good to know that I am not the only one defending gibsons…and others…rights to finish out their scholarships. I think it is funny how people always want to run people off and say we need their scholly…bafoon must not have watched the bt tourney when gibson was a MAJOR asset to this team or the games when wright provided a bigtime spark with his shooting….

    People need to realize that some of…if not most of….these players were playing positions/minutes that probably aren’t what they should be. Once Beilein gets a full scholarship team of players at the positions he wants them to play the minutes will all fall in place and maybe gibson and wright will be playing 10-12 minutes where they can have impacts instead of 20-25 minutes where some of their flaws are exposed. Role players are what they are….but they are still needed. The problem is our role players started at times this year.

  • Ky Fox

    EXACTLY BL! And once JB gets another year and whole summer with these guys who knows what kind of improvements we will see out of Wright, Gibby, and heck, the whole team for that matter. Perfect example is look at Joe Alexander! Does anyone know what star all the recruiting databases had set for Joe Alexander?? anyone…anyone at all?? A friggin 2 star!! So I think that goes to show you how well JB can extract talent and potential out of these guys! BL is right! When Jb gets these new guys in here who all are a threat to score, then you will see Wright, and Gibby come in and be very very productve. They will give us a nice little bench to go to! Something we did not have this past season. And you will also see how much having more offensive threats on this team is going to help guys like Manny, Deshawn, and even Grady! They wont have to play so many minutes and they will not have to carry the load and will not have to play out of position as they sometimes did! Its called having a good supporting cast! Thats all Jb is lacking is a supporting cast. And I think he took a few steps in the right direction by landing the three guys that he did!