Links 3-12-2008

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Ky Fox

    I think everyone just needs to relax about the basketball program! Wojo in some regards made some valid points but I also beleive beats like him need to take a step back and look at the big picture. I dont really know waht everyone expected this year??….a final four appearance in San Antonio?? I mean there are just too many variables that equate to a rebuilding year/2years. A coach cannot concentrate on recruiting high profile players when hes getting a new job! Give JB some time to get familiar with the area and all the highschool and aau programs. I mean he hasnt even been on campus for a whole year for godsakes! It would be nice if Jalen Rose did infact take a assistant position with beilein! I think it would be a great mixture of recruiting styles. Jalen could really help with the forwards and bigmen. I think people are worried that JB isnt recruiting High profile ATHLETES! If you look at any of his past west virginia teams I think he had a good mixture! There are soo many different ways to put a great basketball team together, theres no 1 way to do it! Look at Billy Donovan at UF. He probably wont make it into the tourney, and if he does it will be by the grace of GOD! But mark my words he will be back next year! UF will be back in the consistant top 10! But if you look at some of the guys he recruits like Werner, calathes, parsons, allen, humphrey, and walsh. All those guys are in the mold of a zach Novack, or even a stu douglass. Beilein has a tendency to recruit a mixture! I think he likes his forwards to be more athletic and his gaurds/wings to be a little more shooter friendly. But I think He will adapt slightly to getting more guys out of detroit…more athletes as well! I think JB nabbed exactly who he needed to nab with the given circumstances! As JB sets up camp here in AA I beleive you will see him start landing a lot more high profile guys! He already basically has a big athletic PG wrapped up in Darius Morris so He just needs a little time! To win championships I beleive you need BALANCE! Look at all the past champions….Florida, UNC, Syracuse, Uconn…they all had a good melting pot of players! Guys that could shoot, Very good big men! and very versitale/athletic wing/forwards! and say what you want about JB’s system not being popular with Detroit kids… I mean hes pretty free wheeling as far as they like to run the break, players have a lot of free will to shoot or drive, so I think if I were a high profile veritale/athletic player out of the midwest mainly detroit, Beileins program would look pretty tempting! Because you know your going to get a lot better under him! Lets just give JB a few years to etablish himself! The guys coming in this year are going to add something to our team that we so desperatley need! HIGH FG PCT!!GO BLUE

  • Ky Fox

    Does anyone know when the scheduals for next year come out!? Just curious to see how we might fair!

  • josh

    i truly believe Cassity ends up at SIU.

  • matt

    Even though they dont have any schollies left for 08? If he really likes SIU, maybe he’d wait a year and pay for a year and then get a scholly for 09, but i know Id prefer a full 4 year ride.

  • Benjamin (formerly BenAA)

    I am not quite used to the fact that we are competing head to head with Southern Illinois for recruits.

  • Steve

    Cassity will be offered as a preferred walk-on for his first year at SIU. Then he would be put in scholarship for the last 3 years.

    I hope we get Cassity, he was just named the Illinois 2A Player of the year. He can play some ball.

  • SIU has been to the tourney 9 years in a row before this game I think. Uhhh it’s been a while since we have been. :-)