Ask Zack Novak Your Questions

Dylan Burkhardt

The newest Michigan commitment Zack Novak has agreed to take reader submitted questions from all of you guys. Anyone can submit a question, just leave it in the comments area of this post. I will leave this up for a day or two (depending on how fast the questions come in) and then have Zack answer them. So don’t wait, lets hear some questions.

I updated to 08 Hot Board to reflect Novak’s commitment as well as the latest on other recruits. Also bluebufoon received this scouting report on Novak from Indiana Basketball News:

“Great shooter to 25′ , rugged physically and great anticipator who perfectly positions his body in all situations. He will be a very good player for Michigan…

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  • Reality Man

    Hello Zack,

    Who is the best player you have played against and how did you fare against him. Glad to have you aboard..I was impressed with your game and hope you continue to work hard.

    Reality Man

  • ky fox

    Hey Zacho,
    In what way do you see yourself contributing to the team next year? assuming you have watched a coupple of UM’s games. What do you have that they need in a shooting gaurd?

  • bill

    Hi Zack,

    What do you think about coach Beilein and his system and how do your skills fit? Thanks for picking UM we need your shooting. Good luck.

  • Big Fan

    I have read one report that questions whether you have the athleticism to be a top D1 player and another that praises your toughness and warrior-like mentality. Are either of these claims legitimate? And what kind of player do you see yourself as?

  • Matt B.

    What kind of career do you envision yourself having at Michigan? What are your short-term and 4 year plans for yourself at UM in regards to hoops?

    Go Blue. We all hope that you have a great career.

  • matt

    A few:
    What number do you hope to wear?
    Which position do you prefer, a two guard or 3 wing?
    Whats your height/weight, because we have been hearing alot of different things lately?
    What did you engoy the most about your visit(s)?

  • Steve

    Hey Zack,

    1)What will your summer workout plans consist of?

    Welcome to the basketball family, we’re happy to have you. GO BLUE

  • Brian

    Are you the second coming of Mike Gansey?

  • tay.

    What is the best area of your game and what is the area that you will need to improve the most?

  • Benjamin (formly BenAA)


    What do you plan to major in?

  • BL

    Welcome Zack,
    I was wondering how much you “liked/rooted for/knew about” michigan before the recruiting process and what collegiate program you rooted for growing up?
    I can’t wait to see you help UM get to the top.

  • Kevin in GR

    Hey Zach,
    Congrats on your committment to UM! A few questions for you….
    1. Do you plan on trying to play baseball too? If so, what position do you play?
    2. Is there a player you’ve patterned your game after? For someone who’s never seen you play, who would you say you would remind them of? Damon Bailey?
    Thanks for taking time to answer our questions!
    GO BLUE!

  • Justin

    Have you had a chance to play aginst Stu Douglas? If so, what is your impression of his game and how do you see the two of you fitting together on the court?

  • joe s

    Are you related to Steve Novak and how much do you expect to play next year? congrats

  • josh

    Hey Zach,

    I was wondering if you pay any attention to what recruiting services like rivals and scout say about you and if they do, does it motivate you to be a better player and work harder?

    Thanks and welcome to the Michigan Family!

  • Last day for questions. Get yours in and I will ask as many as I can.

  • Benjamin (formly BenAA)


    What is the last album you downloaded? What is the last book you read?

  • John W.

    Congratulations and Welcome Zack! Can you tell us some of your heros or the people you admire and/or try to pattern yourself after, both in sports and in life?
    Thanks and Go Blue!

  • John W.

    Given that you’re in NW Indiana and he’s in Southern Ill., have you crossed paths with Kyle Cassity? Thanks again Zack.

    Looking forward to seeing you in maize & blue!

  • josh

    Hey zach,

    one more question for you. What is your favorite music and who is your favorite artist in that genre? Also how far out do you think your 3 point range is?

    Thanks again.
    and GO BLUE!

  • Andrew

    What impressed you most about Michigan? Coach Beilein, the campus, academics? What would you have to do to consider your college career at Michigan to be a success, both individually and as a team?

  • Scott

    Boxers or Briefs?

  • Robbie Hummel

    Are you better than I am?

  • Colby

    What is your current height and are you still growing? Also physically what do you feel you have to do in order to be prepared for the season?

  • stewie griffin

    How ya doin,how ya doin,how ya doin,names stewie griffin star of the hit show Family Guy. One question can you break the cycle of Michigan white guys who can’t shoot free throws.I mean for God’s sake their free, I say free.Did I fail to mention that their freeeee!!!!! and you are obviously white,no hops just make free throws at 99.9%, missing only 1 in your whole career, of course at the most innoportune moment with 1 second left against the evil Duke Blue Devils. Well anyways go blue and win one for the gipper.

  • stewie griffin

    How ya doin, how ya doin,still stewie had one last question.should I have used a?mark while asking a question. there I did it again I forgot the ?mark what can i do as i’ve seem to have lost the ability to puncuate either or is it either.god help me im turning in2 my fat father peter.zack or is it zach, oh dear lord help meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!ncaa or nittttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!o my god not the nittttttttt!!!!!!!!! o the humanityyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  • BL

    One more….If there is one thing that you can GUARANTEE me I can say about you in 4 years what would it be or what would you like it to be…examples being (hustler, no off court issues,competitor,good teammate,good student etc.)
    Thanks again.

  • mikey

    What is your favorite aspect of basketball and sports in general?

  • Bluebufoon

    What were you led to believe regarding the opportunity for playing time nxt season ??

    Will Michigan sign any other players ?? Any names


    Go Blue !!!

  • Thanks for the questions guys. I’ll try to get as many as I can answered.

  • Ky Fox

    Easy on the narcotics there stewi!!

  • DAC killa

    zach, is this your number one choice in college? I mean I know you had some other offers, so you wanted to go here, but you could have waited and got some more so I was just wondering?

  • 90 M varsity

    What do you know about Stuart Douglass and Colt Ryan since you guy all played for Indiana Elite? I know there were different teams, but did you play with either of them & how well do you know them and their games.

  • Ron in Valpo

    Good luck Zac (h or k)? H or K?