Game 28: Purdue at Michigan: Post Game

Dylan Burkhardt

John BeileinWhat a fitting way to end the season. All year there have been spurts of good play that are ruined by 5 or 10 minutes of terrible play. Michigan outplayed Purdue for over 30 minutes today and then let it all fall apart down the end.

Some notable numbers:

  • Ekpe had 13 points and 9 boards but he only had 1 rebound in the second half. 13 points, 9 boards, 3 blocks and 6 assists is a damn good night for Mr. Udoh.
  • Manny had 7 turnovers and no assists. Grady had 5 turnovers and 5 assists. Ekpe Udoh had 6 assists and 1 turnover.
  • Purdue shot a miserable 26% in the first half but heated up in the second shooting 58%.
  • Purdue was 8-18 shooting the long ball while Michigan was 7 of 26. Yikes
  • Michigan outrebounded Purdue 41-33 which is hard to believe from watching the game.

DeShawn Sims finally brought his a-game with 19 points and 6 boards. He needs to bring it every night next year for this team to have a chance at being good. Although he still plays lazy at times it was good to see him take it to the hole a couple times. Mental lapses and lazy defense (did anyone see him just hug a Purdue player instead of fighting through a pick?) still plague Peedi but he always does enough to remind you how talented he is. Manny struggled and had one of his worst games of the year. He never really could get into it after the early foul trouble but 7 turnovers in 25 minutes is scary. Kelvin Grady is really killing this team by not being a scoring threat on the court. A bunch of times he would penetrate and make ridiculous passes to a Boilermaker, no one, or the sidelines. Laval Lucas-Perry will be a huge boost for this backcourt next year.

It is peculiar that this is the first time turnovers have been a big problem for this team. We all remember the talk about the basketball fundamental drills at the start of the year. Well they were clearly absent to tonight. The number of sloppy turnovers (24) was just startling. The stretch that lost the game was a series of sloppy turnovers and big time three point shooting.

Tough loss but we have gotten used to them this year. Michigan plays Iowa in the Big Ten Tournament 8-9 game on Thursday.

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  • Bluebufoon

    We won’t be competitive as long as we have to play
    Anthony Wright, CJ Lee, Zach Gibson and Jevohn Shepherd major minutes.

    It is clear we need to use both of the available scholarships this season, which will leave us two
    additional scholarships next season, which includes not extending the fifth year to Zach Gibson.

  • BenAA

    Glimpses of great basketball in the first half. Second half was a complete disaster. Arrrrgh!

    Next season can’t be as painful as this one was.

  • BL

    5th year to gibson should be a mutual decision..never liked kicking off players. If he wants to start graduate work he should have the right to stay on scholarship if he is contributing to the team. his situation is different from smiths

  • Aram

    Did anyone else notice Perry Watson sitting courtside yesterday with a Michigan sweatshirt on and VIP credentials hanging from his neck? I guess now that he’s out at UDM he can start hanging out in Ann Arbor again…

  • Ky fox

    Depth Depth Depth! You will see how much quality depth is going to help next year! especially with guys that can stretch the floor!

  • RB

    We looked really sharp for 32 minutes of that game. Then the roof caved in when Grady threw away that inbound pass. Within a minute and a half we went from up 2 to down 6.

    Great games by Sims and Udoh. I can’t believe it, but I think I saw Sims nearly dive for loose ball (at least he thought about it).

    Didn’t it seem like, to a man, they were much stronger physically than us? I think our guys need to spend a lot of time in the weight room this offseason.

    See you all in Indy!

  • ky fox

    very nicley put Rb! I like where your coming from!! We still can make a lil 2 win run in the big 10 tourney! If sims can continue developing a nasty streak…we r going to be that much better

  • hat

    Besides improved outside shooting, this team really needs to develop a consistent third scorer to compliment Harris and Sims. Udoh is showing signs of possibly being that guy. His shooting touch is really getting better. And six assists – wow, I had no idea.

    As for the turnovers – ugh. These guys make you want to pull your hair out sometimes. Given the way Purdue was putting up bricks, we really should have been up big in this game – it should’ve been 10-15 points, not four, when the drought started. It’s really galling to get on the break, make a dumb*ss pass (or not pass at all when a guy’s streaking on the wing) and have it lead to a fastbreak in the other direction. Just when you thought coach B’s lessons were sinking in, we relapse. Frustrating.

  • hat

    Pull Gibson’s scholarship? Why? He’s made some strides this year. Are you really confident we could get someone who could immediately, as a frosh, produce better than Gibson will in two years?

  • ky fox

    No you have to keep Gibby! Jb although needs to light a fire under his ass! I would like to see the guys play with a little more passion and emotion tho! We look like were still in class out there sometimes. I mean lets get out there and have some fun. I know its probably hard to do with the record and fan attendence weve had but at least try!

  • thanks much, brother