Recruiting Updates: Cassity to Michigan?

Dylan Burkhardt
  • josh

    i was really hoping that Watts would be our SG that we offered but once again it looks like i may be disappointed. Whatever, hopefully Cassity is good.

  • We have reportedly offered watts ebuka and cassity.

  • old fan

    Can we get a different picture of Cassity on the recruiting board? It would help my enthusiasm. Let’s just say that picture does not scream “athlete”.

  • old fan

    It’s got to be disappointing for Stu. Carmel beat Brownsburg earlier this year relatively easily, 59-47. They had a championship level team.

  • ky fox

    I hope we get cassity and watts! I know that cassity is a shooter that we need badly, but what else is he going to bring to the table?? I mean from what ive watched of watts he can handle quite well, he takes it to the rack well, he has quickness, he has hops, a good defender, all on top of being able to shoot very well!! Does anyone disagree? I mean what is cassity going to do if he cant get open?? I mean i understand cassity probably has exceptional iq but I woould like to see a mixture. Lets hope jb’s not getting carried away watching hoosiers over and over, vicariously living thru gene hackman! Cassity, along with stu might(I could be wrong), but they could be a defensive liability, which might be why jb loves the 1-3-1 so much in that it doesnt put defenders out on islands by themselves so much, but at the same time he’s going to run into situations where he’ll have to play man. If it were me I would blow my wad on getting Watts due to him being a more versitale player, but I guess thats why Im not coaching. I mean Watts might even be just as good a shooter as cassity, and would be able to do more things with his game than cassity. I think! I always try to use comparisons, and I guess we could maybe hope cassity could end up emulating someone of the likes of say a Jon Scheyer from duke! If we do indeed just round out this year with Big Ben, Stuey D, and KCassity, then next year on top of Jordan, you have to land Darius Morris, and I would like to see JB really go after Jamil Wilson….the guy from Wisconsin!! Hes the type of player who would be a very versatile player and would be a HIGH profile player(who might even be playing in the Mickie D’s game next spring) I think we need someone like that! We havent had anyone like that in a while! Not since ohh I gues Danny

  • ky fox

    I guess all Im saying is that I hope we are not turning into the versa of the old Georgetown, John Thompson teams! I dont really want to see us looking like the late teams of Bobby Knight! I just want to see a mixture, a melting pot of players. Players that can shoot, as well as players that may have a 40 inch verticle! Whats everyone else think?? haha, or maybe we should leave everything up to JB! I guess its good we have Mr.Dunn and the other Deytwa native assisting JB, in hopes to lure more detroit talent/athletic talent into AA

  • Just FYI I don’t think Jerry Dunn is a “deytwa” native. Mike Jackson certainly is though and is a prime candidate for the UofD head coaching job.

  • matt

    Open spot for Jalen to join the staff then, right? :)

    Also, we’ve seemingly offered Ebuka, Cassity, and Watts. Id guess this means were out on Ebuka. Id be fine with adding Cassity and Watts, but doesnt that only give us one more scholly to offer for next year?

  • ky fox

    No Dylan I didnt mean that jerry dunn was a Detroit native. sorry I miss worded that. I meant Jackson. So does it look like we will land Watts or what?? I was watching some of the old West Va’s tourney games! I dont think we are far off here!! Whats the chances that Pat Beilein will join JB on courtside! as 1 of his assistants that is??

  • If we take two more in 08 then we only have one plus Morgan in 09. The question is if the 08 kids are good enough. The next couple weeks will be fun.

  • Sorry, I misunderstood. Pat Beilein is playing ball overseas I think. If Mike Jack leaves then I think we have to hire another assistant with Michigan ties. If Mike Jack and Jerry Dunn leave then I think we might hire Pat Beilein but who knows.

  • Bluebufoon

    Even if U-M takes both Justin Watts and Kyle Cassity, Michigan could still have two additional scholarships for 2009 along with Jordan Morgan, who has already committed, if they don’t bring Zach Gibson for his fifth year of eligibility ??

    Which makes sense, because Gibson’s minutes in two years could easily be divided amongst Udoh,
    Cronin and Morgan.

  • Bluebufoon

    I’m hearing Tony Jones assistant from Tennessee may be the front-runner at U-D ??

  • matt

    Gibson is a redshirt freshmen. Maybe we dont give CJ Lee a schollie for next year.

  • Bluebufoon

    Gibson is a sophomore and next year should be his last I also would encourage Anthony Wright that if
    he wants to play he might want to go down a level or two because he can’t do anything but shoot
    and he is inconsistent at that.

  • Don’t worry about Kyle Cassity not looking like an athlete. Yes, he is thin but will fill out in college.

    He is almost 6’6″, handles the ball well (played point guard in high school), has good jumping ability, and has exceptional defensive skills. The only major knock on him in high school basketball is that he is too unselfish and does not “hog” the ball like most D-1 prospects do.

    On the baseball field, he is an outstanding shortstop and pitcher. As a junior last year, he was on of main players on a baseball team that finished second in the state.

    Yes, he is an athlete.

  • Thanks Hoof. Have you heard anything about Cassity’s recruitment? We would love to have him up here in EL.

  • Cassity’s recruitment started out slowly, with lowly UMKC showing immediate interest. I think this assured Kyle that he could go “somewhere” for college basketball after high school, but there is no serious chance he would ever go to the small of a school.

    Some coaches noticed him in AAU ball last summer, but his style of play does not tend to draw a crowd. He is a team player first and an all star second.

    He has offers from Penn State, St. Louis University, Arkansas State and many others. I do not understand why Illinois has not tried to land him (Illinois program has been going downhill since Bruce Weber took over).

    Generally, it took a while for big schools to notice him because of his style of play. Let’s face it–most D1 caliber players can be spotted a mile away at a high school basketball game. They dominate almost every aspect of the game and usually score tons of points. Kyle was the court general who handled the ball and dished out assists. He also grabbed a lot of rebounds. When crunch time came, he certainly looked to get the ball and go to the hole, but often would pass it to a free man when the double-team came his way.

    At almost 6’6″, he can play point guard, shooting guard, or even small forward, when needed.
    From what I have read and heard, if he wants to play in the big time, he will go to Michigan. If he wants to play closer to home so his family and friends can come to more games, he will go to SIU, Evansville, or St. Louis U.

    Most people think he has mid-major talent, but coaches who have taken the time to scout him know that he has basketball instincts and is a defensive stallwart who has loads of upside potential at a major university.