Links & Notes 3-5-08

Dylan Burkhardt
  • DeShawn Sims Hook ShotDeShawn Sims has been everywhere in the news lately. First, a Michigan Daily article about Sims not finding his shooting touch. DeShawn is a painful 8 of 38 in Michigan’s last three losses, in Michigan’s last four wins he is 20 of 49.
  • The Daily also had a column today on Michigan recruiting in Detroit, specifically about St. Cecilia’s summer league.
  • John Beilein told Sam Webb on WTKA that he plans to work with DeShawn Sims one-on-one and make him into a great junior in the Big Ten, audio here. It’s a good thing that Beilein realizes the importance of DeShawn Sims development because I think that this team next year hinges a lot on Peedi becoming a consistent performer. This will certainly be a good test of John Beilein’s famed player development.
  • Profile on 2010 PG Mike Talley III and his father former Michigan player Mike Talley Jr.
  • U-D Jesuit Coach Perry Watson calls it quits.
  • Crippling loss for Purdue last night in Columbus most likely ruins Michigan’s chance to play spoiler on Sunday.
  • Also, I’ll have a question and answer with 2008 commit Stuart Douglass up tomorrow morning.
  • BenAA

    Looking forward to the Douglass piece. I am getting really excited about this guy.

  • EricW

    Two random questions for ya:

    1) Did Martell Webb ever ending up joining the team? Or did he just stick to not playing for the football team?

    2) What is this about Channing Frye’s younger brother “committing” to Michigan. I can’t find anything on him, but elder Frye announced it on his blog. Is he a walk-on? Any info on him?


  • 1. Martell did not play basketball because of academic reasons.

    2. From what I understand Logan Frye is not a basketball player. I haven’t seen anything to lead me to believe otherwise. Frye’s big head and nerd comments seem to hint at that much to say the least haha.